Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Burda WOF June 2007

I am finally sort of getting caught up on my back log of magazines since moving.

Which is great but now I am totally in LOVE with this top:

And that necklace for that matter. It's kind of big but it just calls to me....but I digress....

So in true Burda WOF style, the top is not one of the patterns in this issue. So I have been searching for a good knock off pattern. I think that the Hot Patterns Sunshine Tops is the best I have been able to find.

Well of course it is! I don't own that one!!!! Blah!

Simplicity has 4076:

But it really doesn't have same look or drape when you see it made up. Sigh. I of course own this one.

So now what to do. I really don't want to buy the HP one (not that I don't want but really shouldn't is more like), but I don't think that I will get the same look from the Simp.

Any suggestions? Maybe if I offer up my first born someone will loan me their Hot Patterns Sunshine Top pattern. Hmmmm probably not once they hear all the stores about how bad (but in a Dennis the Menace kind of way) John was as a kid. Darn..... Maybe a pattern trade of something that I have instead. Less mess I would think & waiting. Seeing as we only have Puggy Dog & no first born it would at least be 9 months at the very least & I don't see that has an option at the moment. Ha!

By the way I am not ignoring y'all who have commented. I just don't have much Internet time at the moment, but we are going to look & get (I hope!) a laptop tonight. Then I should have some more time to e-mail & post. Fingers crossed!

Ok I am off to clean up after the bad dog that we are watching (no Puppy Dog, she is always a good girl). Oh joy!