Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fall ’07 Simplicity & New Look Patterns – Part #2 New Look Fall ‘07

It looks like New Look is into knits this Fall. They are offering several patterns for knits & seeing as I have a PILE of knits in ye o’l stash I am looking forward to checking them out!

#6729 – Knit tops

Another wrap top, but with a twist!!! I am really excited about this one. There is this whole cross over wrap thing going on that I am totally intrigued by! It appears that the sleeves have a kimono kind of shape to them & there is a center back seam that is great for adjusting the fit. This is one my must buy list. Finally something totally new!

#6735 – Knit coordinates – Cardigan, tops, pants & skirt

I think that this might have been done already, in fact I think that I have this pattern, sans the cardigan, (ok maybe not that exact one but items that look pretty close in different patterns)but look at the fabric that they used!!! I have both the black & white floral in the skirt & the aqua, black & white chain link from the top! (Thank you Gorgeous Fabrics!) So not that I would need this pattern but I will probably pick it up anyway. I like the simple look of the black & white skirt outfit & the pants. Also can you have too many patterns?

#6731 – Knit dress & tops

At first glance I thought, "oh this has already been done!". Now that I take a closer look at view A & B it looks like it has a twisted treatment that seems so popular right now. Another one that might be worth checking out.

#6736 – Coat, Jacket, Dress and Pants
I think that the pink coat that they show on the envelope is super cute but I am not sure that I would bother buying the pattern just for that one item.

#6737 – Tunic or Top and Pants

I am on the fence with this last one. I think that the tops have an Anthropology look to them & probably if you used the right fabrics they would be super cute. I think that might be part of the problem is that I am not too crazy about the fabrics that they used.

# 6723 - Dresses

I like the black sleeveless version. I think that it would look so nice in a dark chocolate brown, deep red, or even like they have it, black. Everyone needs a little black dress & I think that this style would be very flattering. The shape looks like it would hide a multitude of sins.

Fall '07 Simplicity & New Look Patterns - Part 1 Simplicity


It doesn't look like I have missed too much in the pattern area while on my unintentional blog hiatus.

Let's start with the Simplicity patterns shall we?

#3691 - 80th Anniversary Vintage Evening Gown

I really dislike the taupe version with the the strange collar thing, but the blue one saved it for me. I love the way the skirt has an inverted pleat in the back(check out the line drawing). I think that this would be really lovely made in black or dark read satin, if you had an event to wear it to.

#3631 - Sew Stylish Collection: Coat, Jacket, Dress, Jumper, Slim Pants and Skirt

I am not sure how I would have felt about this collection if I had not just today picked up the Fall issue of Sew Stylish mag & seen the 11 different outfits that they made from this pattern! I haven't gotten to read the article yet but I love the red version of the jacket that they show on the cover. Oh and of course the magazine is getting canceled. Their last issue will be Dec '07. Figures! Anyway If you get the chance give it a look. I am not all that crazy about the pants in this pattern, but I like my straight or wider leg pants. I did the peg-rolled, skinny leg jeans & pants the first time around. Thank you anyway!

Last of the Simplicity's is:

#3640 - Misses Pants, Hooded Sweatshirt and Knit Top

I think that this has a nice look to if for sweatsuit/workout wear. The pants have a nice shape to them. The jacket looks fitted & not all baggy & blah. Maybe with this you could run to the store in your sweats without looking a frumpy!

That is about it. Most everything just looked like a version of other patterns that are already out. I might change my mind after I see some made up out there in sewing Blogland but for now I say, Blah!

Next up: New, New Looks, I feel like they did a little better job,a little that is.

Until then! Sew on y'al!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm Still Alive!

Ok let me first start off by saying that I hate computers as much as I love them!

I finally got my new Dell Inpiron 1521 nearly a month after I ordered it with grand hopes of in stalling a router on the DSL connect in the house to that I could have access in the 5th (yup we still are living in the RV because the house in MI hasn't sold yet). Well 2 1/2 weeks & 3 routers later I still can't get a signal in the RV. After spending 45 mins on the phone with Dell last night for the guy to tell me that I would need to pay Dell $130 for him to tell me what to do because I hadn't sighed for Dell on Call (at $250 for 4 calls that are only good for a year you got that right!!!) I had had it. Then like a blessing from God I found the problem! Only for my hopes to be smashed again when the the 3rd router also would not reach (we are only talking 175 feet & the router should have gone 600!!! What!!!??). So I reconnected the first & cheapest router that at least lets me connect in the house. I guess we are in some kind of Internet black hole or something. Sigh. Just my luck.

So I will be able to use my computer to surf the net again although not as often or how I had envisioned, but I guess that it is better than nothing, right? Maybe?

I hope to start posting again soon. I noticed today that both Simplicity & New Look have some of their Fall patterns up. I think that will be my first post & with any luck soon.

I am still trying to get through the 2 month backlog of e-mails so bare with me. I hope that all is well & Blogland & hope that I will be posting & catching up on what all you have been up to soon!