Saturday, December 29, 2007

Up & running!

Oh geez! Well here are the last couple weeks in a nut shell. First off our internet has been down for a while & there was all of this…..

We went to the SASS Convention in Las Vegas, it was fabulous, John got terribly sick Fri-Sat. I had to go to the Ball all by my lonesome. Poor man he was horribly sick, but it seemed to be going around. Then on the way home on Mon. I started getting a head cold. Which is still kind of hanging around weeks later. I have some fabulous pictures here on flickr.

I have to tell you the story about this dress.
Lily Orleans Mason & Rattlesnake Kate
Isn’t it gorgeous????? My wonderful friend Gina, gave me this dress!!! Did you hear that people G-A-V-E it to me???? I cried! I was in shock!!!! It is so beautiful & I am soooooo made that I did not get a picture if her & I that day!!!! I hope that someone out there got one! Also the back is fabulous! I will have to try to find a picture of that too.
Here's Gina & I at the Ball.
Lily Orleans Mason & Sweet Violet

Then the next weekend we went to the Rio Grande Renegade Christmas Party. John was finally able to wear the vest that I had made him to match my reception dress.
Lily Orleans Mason & Johnny Bayou

Let see we went to Sue & Fred’s for Christmas day. What a great time we had & oh the food!!!!!
Here is Fred & Sue at the Renegade's party.
Silencer & Snake Eye Sue

I have been working extra hours, oh & John got laid off the day after we got back from Vegas! Another great Merry Christmas employment problem for the Muras. Sigh…. What can you do? He got a couple of things in the works so we are just plugging along.

To leave things on a positive note here are some Thrifty finds. Thrift Town was having a sale on everything the other day & I got some groovy 1975 Stretch & Sew patterns.
Stretch & Sew Patterns
I was really excited about this one:
Stretch & Sew - Wrap Skirt #405
Because I really like the looks of this Garnet Hill skirt.
I think that I should be able to modify it pretty easily to be a non-wrap for a very similar look.

Stay tuned for some Christmas gift picture to come soon.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Some soldering Iron help? Please!!!!

Ok so I have been trying in vain to find out what kind of soldering iron is good for making the soldered glass pendants. There are several sites out there on how to make them but hardly any of them tells you what kind of soldering iron is a good one for this kind of work!!! I have read that you want one that keeps a constant temp but I am used to using a torch for soldering jewelry not a soldering iron.

SO I am totally clueless as to what I am looking for!!!! UGH!!!! I did read on one lady's site that she recommends the Temptrol by Inland, but I was hoping to see what kinds others like. I have seen LOTS of bad reviews but very few good. If there is anyone that can point me in the right direction I would be sooooo grateful!

Friday, November 30, 2007

How cool is this??!!!!!!

I was quickly going through my feed this morning (I am going to work early this am & really need to get a move on but.....) & on Funky Find I say this!!!!

Chara Michele is as sweet & kind as she is talented. And that's saying a lot! I found Chara's blog through another blogger's post about the fall swap she recently hosted. I have been a loyal reader of her blog since (and I had a ball participating in her swap!). Chara's Etsy shop has a problem all designers dream of...she continually updates her stock, but her items sell quickly before anyone can report on them! Her beautiful scarves sell like hot cakes, and it's no wonder. She also creates fun tags that can be used in a variety of ways. Check back often for updates you surely do not want to miss!

That's my friend Chara!!!! Yeah!!! To be totally un-hip, You go Girl!!!!!! Just had to give you some blog love!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To Ottobre, Or not??? & needing some gift advice???

After seeing Lori's really cute jeans she made from Ottobre 5/2007 I am wondering if I "need" to jump on the Ottobre band wagon?

They kind of remind me of these cute jeans from Old Navy.

There have been some really cute items reviewed on PR from various Ottobre issues. Their kids patterns are really cute, but as we are kid-less at this point I know that I don't need any of the kid's issues but what about the women's issues?

I thought I would see what you all think. Have any of you made anything from an Ottobre issue? What did you think of their patterns? Were the magazines worth the price? Or would I be better off getting a couple of the new Hot Patterns & some More Onion patterns?

I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

Oh let me leave you with a progress picture of the convention sewing......
Brown & Pink Reception Dress - Overskirt Front

And one of our Thanksgiving, well Black Friday really, snow. Yup New Mexico gets snow, but it is almost all gone already!
New Mexico Snow - Nov 23, 2007

One last thing one a totally unrelated note, has anyone ever tried making soldered glass pendants?
I was trying to decide what to do for our mom's & John's aunt for Christmas & because there is no way I am making their gifts as I usually do this year, I was checking out the pendants on Etsy. My thinking was that I would buy the charms & string them into a beaded necklace. Then because I wasn't find exactly the images that I wanted I thought, you dummy! Surely you can makes these! I started looking into how they are made. Pretty straight forward & John must have a soldering iron right. Tool man that he is. Ha! Nope, he does not. Sooooo now I would need to get a soldering iron, lead free silver solder, microscope slides, copper tape etc...... Where I have no idea. Any suggestions? Or should I settle (not that they all aren't really really beautiful, but not what I was wanting) for the ones on Etsy?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving all!!!!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous turkey, carb, pie filled day! We are going to some friend’s house this afternoon. Then it is 3 days of sewing craziness here at SLT. I have 12 days before we leave for Vegas & the SASS Convention.

So here is what is on the sewing list before then…..

A couple of these shirts for John, and a vest to match my reception dress(See below).

Finishing up this dress…..
Front - Harper's Bazar June 1879
Inspiration - Harper's Bazar 1879

Working on getting a better fit with some other dresses that I have (now that I have a corset).

Then this is the big one! I am making my version of this dress:

From this fabric & solid brown "satin" with wide pink ribbon....

Then if there is time finishing up this:
WIP - Split riding skirt panel
That will become one of these:

from the Laughing Moon Split Skirt pattern.

Then I have to share one last thing. I get to wear this fabulous dress thanks to my too sweet friend Gina. Isn't it gorgeous!??

Hope that everyone has a great day & if you are crazy enough to go shopping tomorrow, be safe & may the deal Gods bless you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And even more new pattern!

Well I guess that Hot Patterns has a new pattern line. I usually get their e-mails but I didn’t get anything on these. pout pout....

So I am not exactly sure when they released them. I just happened to get sale e-mail from Gorgeous Fabrics this morning & she mentioned one of the new patterns.

Anyhoo, they look pretty great!

The is called Metropolitan & here is what HP has to say about it:

“We adore dressing up for work! But please nothing to strict, nothing too formal, just chic pieces that make those dreary Monday mornings a little more bearable. Try these gorgeous styles, designed to deal with the vexing & dreaded “Business Casual” dress code, but just as fabulous made up in more casual fabrics for weekend loveliness….”

Well let’s have a look see……

Sleek & Chic Skirt

Urbanista! Coat-Dress

These are my favorites!

Superfly Skirt

Get your baaad self into these Superfly Skirts, designed for firm but drapey fabrics like denim, corduroy and cotton velvet-but also pretty darn fabulous in heavy crepe, linen or tropical wool.
Unlined, narrow A-line skirt has darts front & back, and a contrast faced waist and hemline. Skirt sits on the natural waist and features center front & back seams, front fly zipper fastening, belt carriers & optional (but oh-so-very highly recommended!) top stitching. Short skirt finishes at the knee; longer version finishes at mid-calf.
Wear this great Skirt with our Metropolitan Tie Me Down Top and Seriously Stylin’ Jacket for a groovy workday outfit, or team it with our Weekender Sunshine Tops and a yummy cardigan for a casual look.

This skirt would look so cute with my new "yeah for my new job shoes!"

Criterion Blouse

Totally gorgeous blouse, designed for fluid, drapey fabrics like crepe de chine, charmeuse, rayon, georgette, washed silk and lightweight crepe-but also stunning in a stable single knit or a silk(y) jersey.
Semi-fitted Blouse has shaped side seams and front rouleaux loop & button fastening. Blouse has front yoke with gathers and cutaway front neckline with collar band and collar, finished with a tie. Back has a yoke and a center back released pleat. Gently gathered, buttoned cuffed sleeves finish above the elbow or at the wrist.
Wear this glamorous Blouse with our Weekender Jean Jeanius Trouser Jeans and top with a cosy cropped cardigan, or team it with our Metropolitan Seriously Stylin’ Jacket and Sleek & Chic Skirt for a super-stylish, dressy/casual outfit.

Seriously Stylin’ Jacket

Want a feminine but sharp jacket to wear with jeans, with pants, with skirts? Try this seriously stylin’ little number, designed for firm but soft fabrics like denim, corduroy and cotton velvet-but also divine in a wool boucle, tweed or silk brocade.
Lined, semi-fitted Jacket has rounded collar & rever, and shaped waistband with half-belt and buttons at the back. Jacket features panel seams, gathers above & below the waistband and oversized button front closure. Gathered, slightly flared wrist length sleeves have mock button vent.
Wear this yummy Jacket with your favorite tailored pants or skirt for a fabulous soft suit, or team it with our Weekender Jean Jeanius Trouser Jeans for a really funky, fabulous business-casual look.

Tie Me Down Tops

All tied up in these sweetly pretty and ultra-wearable knit tops, designed for soft, fluid knits with a little stretch-try silk(y) jersey or a drapey t-shirting.
Semi-fitted Top has center front seam and a tie neck. Top features shaped hemline, with shirring at the shoulders and center back for a fabulous fit. Choose from short gathered flutter sleeves, or full length gathered sleeves with a shirred cuff. Top pulls on over the head for super-easy dressing.
You just know you’ll wear these lovely tops day in, day out...wear them to soften up a slick Pants or Skirt Suit to the office, try them with a neatly fitted cardigan-and-skirt combo for a go-anywhere outfit, or channel your inner vintage Diva and team them with our Weekender Jean Jeanius Trouser Jeans for a pretty retro-chic look

I really like this blouse because it is for knits but I can't decide if it is different enough from the Criterion Blouse, wich can also be made from knits. I LOVE the sleeves on the the Criterion Blouse blouse, but the shirring at the shoulders of the Tie Me Down shirt is a super cute detail too! Oh what to do........

On other Hot Patterns news Sew Simple mag used the HP Weekender Chilled-Out Sweat Suit latest issue & is offering a 20% off coupon.

If you have been contemplating getting this one you might want to check that out.

Monday, November 19, 2007

More New Patterns

Just a quick post about some new patterns that have come out. I got some sewing related stuff done over the weekend, but mostly it consisted of cutting out dress for the SASS Convention. I am preparing for the 4 day sewing marathon I hve planned for over the Thanksgiving weekend.

So here goes:

Jalie has some new patterns out.

From Jalie's new ones I really like these patterns.

#2794 ~ Sweetheart Top
Sweetheart top with banded neckline and front yokes, gathers at the bust and a choice of cap or three-quarter sleeve.

#2793 ~ Empire-waist Tunic, This one has been done many times over but there is something about Jalie's version that I really like.
Trendy tunic with back tie, upper bodice gathered into empire waist insert and choice of cap or banded 3/4 sleeve. View A has added ease and gathers at lower front. View B has a flat lower front.

On to Simplicity. Apparently they have teamed up with Project Runway to put out a line of patterns. Hmmmm I can't say that I am overly impressed so far. I haven't seen them in person to know if they have all kind of fabulous sewing secrets included in their envelopes or not, but I can say that that I am pretty sure that most of what I have seen so far has been done, several times over already. I would have expected a little more from them. Oh well.

Here are a couple examples:
Simp 3529

Simp 3530

Now this little jacket really do like:
Simp 3538

Simp 3536 I love crowl neck tops!

Simp 3539 Cute wardrobe pattern.

Here are some Buttericks that I missed a couple weeks ago.
B5136 Retro 1948


That's about it.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Job Update & Wrap Dress Knock-off help

So the update on the job at The Gap corp offices is……That I got it!!!! Yeah!!!!! I start on Monday! So now I am hunting through totes of clothes trying to find some work clothes. Now even The Gap corp is very casual, but I don’t think that I should be showing up in jeans the first day. Besides I am going to take this job as an opportunity to sew up some of this crazy huge mountain of a stash I have. I think that when you have twice as many totes of fabric as you do clothes that might be a problem!
One of the cool perks of work for The Gap is that I will get a discount at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic &! Yeah! But I still need to use up some of this crazy stash.
So I am looking for some inspiration for a fun casual comfy work wardrobe. I got the latest Garnet Hill catalog the other day & I really like this dress:

This true wrap style offers classic sophistication in lightweight stretch viscose jersey. Secured with an inside button closure and a self-fabric tie belt, it has long, slim sleeves finished with split cuffs, a flattering A-line skirt and a close, conforming fit. Looks great over leggings. Imported. $148.00
Um yeah but I am way to cheap to pay $148 bucks for it. So what pattern??? I was thinking maybe Burda WOF 4/2007 #108

Or Maybe the Onion Vintage Dress 2012, made in a knit (I have this one)

Or maybe Onion 2014 Knit Wrap Dress (that I don’t have, darn I’d have to order more patterns!!!!)

Or if anyone has any suggestions for this I would love to hear them.
Also suggestions for some fun creative casual wardrobe inspiration I would LOVE to hear that too!
Sorry no pictures of the new apartment yet. It’s still a huge mess. I think that is why I am having a creative block on coming up with some ideas for a new work wardrobe. I can’t concentrate with too much mess. We are going to work on getting some things squared away today. I am hoping that might help clear my creative road block.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Look Winter 2007

We are still moving in & there are piles of “stuff” everywhere so I no pictures of our new digs just yet.

So instead I have my picks from the new New Look patterns.

Nothing earth shatteringly trendy or fabulous but quite a few “basics”.

First up.....

#6749 ~ Dresses: I really like view A, the purple one on the model. I think that this would make a fabulous Holiday party dress or a wonderful "Little Black Dress". If you made it in black you could make the sash from a wonderful jewel tone satin that is so "in" this season. With all the different options in this pattern there is something for every one's tastes.

#6750 ~ Dresses: Another good dress pattern for the Holiday season & beyond. I really like the black & white one on the model for work & the black one with the jewel tone sash.

If you look at the line drawing, this pattern has a ton of different options. It appears that it would be very easy to lengthen the sleeves to make it a little more cold weather friendly.

#6753 ~ Knit Tops: A slightly different take on an empire waist knit top.

#6756 ~ Misses Capes and Bag: A different take on the winter coat. Capes seem to be big this season & they are starting to grow on me.

#6756 ~ Trousers & Skirts: I was trying to decide how I feel about this pattern. I don't think that I care for the skirts at all. The trousers however I am torn on. I like the grey pair shown on the model, but I am am not sure about the tan pair. I think that the sash makes the gray ones for me. I think that I might like the tan pair better if I could see them with an untucked close fitting knit top. Maybe it is just that I remember when pleated front pants were the thing & it haunts me! Or maybe it's the wide yoke then the pleats that look odd to me without some kind of top covering some of the yoke. I'm not sure......

#6762 ~ Knit wardrobe: A good basic knit wardrobe pattern. I think that this would make a great base for a travel, comfy weekend or even casual work wardrobe. It would be very easy to lengthen the sleeves or body of the top for many different looks. Depending on the knit you use (wool, cotton, rayon, etc) this pattern could take you through all four seasons.

Also I think that the top would be so cute if you lengthen the raglan sleeves to end in a gathered cuff like these:

Unisex patterns are usually blah, but I think that I might pick these two up.

#6765 ~ Miss, Men & Teen Pajama Pants /Short, Knit Top and Misses Knit Nightshirt - PJ's always seem to be popular as gifts & I thought that this one had some good possibilities for themed jammies. You can do the bottoms in a print, maybe a favorite sports team, then do the top in the team colors.

#6766 ~ Miss, Men & Teen Pullover Top and Pants and Misses Knit Pants and Tank Top: Another good lounging around watching fall football pattern. I think that the pockets on the pants are cute, but I am not sure how I feel about the tank top. The waist tie is cute & maybe if you add a built in bra to it I might feel differently. hmmmmm.......

Now for my "what were they thinking" pick:

#6763 ~ Misses Pants and Knit Cardigan and Tops: Is it just me or does this just look odd? Is it maternity wear or what? I don't think so because there isn't a panel in the pants & the tank doesn't look like it would accommodate a bump, what is up with that cardigan???? It makes here look like she's five!

Here I'll leave you with one picture from own new place. This is looking to the west from our deck.

Westward View

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thrifty Thursday

Ok I have tried to post this a few times but my pictures would not load, but now that we have hi-speed internet at the apartment I finally can! Haaaaaa!!!! So here is my Thrifty Thurs a week late!

I was going to post this along with my “News” post but it got way to long & out of hand. It had to get it’s own post.

So on to the Thrifty Thursday….if my pictures would ever finish uploading. So I have discovered another thing to LOVE about New Mexico, aside from the fact that nearly everyone here is sooo nice. There must be something in the water because people are just really friendly. Not like the polite friendly in the Mid-West but the help you move heavy gun safes after only knowing you a couple months, talk your arm off in the check-out line friendly. Really nice but hard to know how to deal with having grown up in South Florida where you are more likely to get flipped off or cursed out than anything else. So anyway back to what I LOVE. In Abq there is a road named San Mateo, this is turning into my most favorite street so far. (Reasha if you are reading this, have you guessed why?). There is a Joann’s fabrics, Hancocks Fabrics, Savers Thrift store & a huge Goodwill at with in like 3 miles of each other! The first two next to each other & the third across the street! Crazy! So I haven’t done much thrifting since moving here, what with not working & all, but I have gotten to Savers a couple times.

So I have babbled enough, Here are some pictures of my New Mexico thrifty finds. I guess that because I haven’t been able to blog in so long that I am just rattling on & on.

Thrifty Thurs - Shoes
Black chunky work heels - Nine West $12.00
Black mary janes - $4.99 for Can Can outfit yet to be made.
Blue heels - $4.99 great shape on the heel. I am going to replace the ties with gold ribbon to go with my "Blue Mum" Victorian Dress.

Thrifty Thurs - Blue Ridge
Blue Ridge plate - 69 cents

Thrifty Thurs - Blouses
Couple of new blouses for my new job(fingers crossed that I get it).

Thrifty Thurs - Linen napkins
These are for my Mom for Christmas.
Thrifty Thurs
McCall's 9635 ~ Front wrap dress with or without short set-in sleeves and scarf.
McCalls 4631 ~ Dresses or top and pants with transfer for embroidery.
I got these & 2 others for 99 cents at Savers.
Thrifty Thurs
Vogue 7226 ~ Very loose fitting evening dresses.

McCall's 4313 ~ Unlined jacket & pants. Circa 1974

These were in the same pack as the other two McCall's patterns. The Vogue one dosen't have have the direction & I don't plan to keep it anyway. The McCall's one felt the same way about that one at first but once I took a closerr look I think the jacket might be kind of fun to make up.

The jacket description is this "Buttoned, back yoked jacket has collar, sleeves pleated into buttoned cuffs and waistband extension tied in front. Jacket B has pleated patch pockets with button trimmed flaps."

I was thinking that made up in the right fabric it might be pretty cute for work. But what kind of fabric.........?
Thrifty Thurs
McCalls 4631 - circa 1975. Groovy baby! I actually bought the pack of patterns from Savers just for this pattern & the wrap dress pattern. I really like the blue satin top for some reason. I also think that this would be nice made up in a knit. The pattern description " Pullover dress or top gathered into neckbands, has raglan sleeves gathered into buttoned or snapped cuffs and cummerbund. Pants have hooked waistband and zipper in front opening." This pattern is as old as me!

Let me add to that the Goodwill here has a clearence center. I got 2 blouses, the napkins & the scarf that is under the shoes, all for $1.25! Crazy huh!????