Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Friday, May 26, 2006

Who loves EBay??!! I do, I do!!!

Ok I am on a roll now! I am so excited! I had ordered 2 patterns off Ebay & they came today! WooHooo! Just in time for the long weekend!

I have had this great shorts pattern since like high school. I am sad to say that I can no longer if into a McCall’s size 8 pattern. Darn office work & co-workers who bring donuts!

So as the weather here in the Great White North begins to warm up I was thinking I need some new shorts, but knowing that my trusty shorts pattern no longer fits I searched for a new one. I am sad to say that there were no patterns that even began to look like a reasonable substitute. Of course I could have gotten one & morphed it into what I want, but ugh! I have such limited sewing time that if I am going to put that much effort into morphing a pattern it is going to be for a new SASS outfit, not shorts.
Ebay to the rescue! I found my beloved McCall’s #3132 shorts pattern in my now size range! .

Yeah! In the interest of getting my $’s worth out of shipping it from CA I looked to see what other treasures this seller had to offer. And I found this New Look #6162 gem that I had seen in an old Threads magazine & really liked the look of. .

Yeah! With any luck I will have some new shorts & have finished my Amy Butler Cabo Halter top by Tues!

Well as our great bosses have decided to let us leave at noon today I will sign off now! I just wanted to share my great finds. I am off to see what great deals I can find at Field's Memorial Day Weekend sale!

Of Blogging, sewing & adding to the obsession!

Ack! I maybe have found a new way to think about sewing while at work (which of course has nothing at all to do with sewing), my own Blog about sewing! Yeah! Will it help mw get more done in my off time, will I be more inspired by being able to share my ideas with my friends, or will I write a few then give up on it. We shall see how it goes.

I really enjoy reading the exploits from these other sewing blogs:

Also you will notice on Stacy’s blog how she does a little tally sheet for each of her projects. Great idea! That way I can see exactly how much money I am spending on my pattern & fabric obsession! Ugh! Don’t tell John it might push him right over the edge! Poor man! See this blog might just serve as my fabric/pattern addiction group. Hi my name is MéLisa, and I am a fabric, pattern, costume making addict!

Ok seeing as I have not clue one on how these blog things work. I will make this my first post & see how it works!