Friday, May 26, 2006

Who loves EBay??!! I do, I do!!!

Ok I am on a roll now! I am so excited! I had ordered 2 patterns off Ebay & they came today! WooHooo! Just in time for the long weekend!

I have had this great shorts pattern since like high school. I am sad to say that I can no longer if into a McCall’s size 8 pattern. Darn office work & co-workers who bring donuts!

So as the weather here in the Great White North begins to warm up I was thinking I need some new shorts, but knowing that my trusty shorts pattern no longer fits I searched for a new one. I am sad to say that there were no patterns that even began to look like a reasonable substitute. Of course I could have gotten one & morphed it into what I want, but ugh! I have such limited sewing time that if I am going to put that much effort into morphing a pattern it is going to be for a new SASS outfit, not shorts.
Ebay to the rescue! I found my beloved McCall’s #3132 shorts pattern in my now size range! .

Yeah! In the interest of getting my $’s worth out of shipping it from CA I looked to see what other treasures this seller had to offer. And I found this New Look #6162 gem that I had seen in an old Threads magazine & really liked the look of. .

Yeah! With any luck I will have some new shorts & have finished my Amy Butler Cabo Halter top by Tues!

Well as our great bosses have decided to let us leave at noon today I will sign off now! I just wanted to share my great finds. I am off to see what great deals I can find at Field's Memorial Day Weekend sale!

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