Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Swaps & Contests….

I got my Orange & Purple Coloriffic Swap package & it was another great one! I guess in light of all my other “issues” the swap Gods have taken pity on my & blessed me with fabulous swap partners of late!

All this yummy goodness came from Revital.

She made the earrings, bracelet & the little butterfly buttons! I have really been into purple lately so I have been wearing the bracelet & earrings a lot.

While we are on the swapping subject, I would like to point out that my lovely Aqua & Red Swap partner, Heather, is hosting a swap. Check out her A Little Bit of Everything Swap. I was swearing off Swap Bot swaps for for individual swaps for a while but I had to join this seeing as Heather was hosting it.

I have also entered a contest Stacy’s Stacy Sews Fabric Leftovers Contest. There are some great entries so I would ask you to go check them out. Not that you have to vote for mine, but I won’t be upset if you do. Just vote & show some support for the craftiness out there in blog land.

Speaking of contests, remember that great Peeps Bra from the Sewing Expo a couple posts back, well as it turns out one of my readers (how funny does that sound?) Sarah e-mailed me to ask if I had seen her entry at the Expo, because she hadn’t heard anything from them. Well as it turns out Miz Sarah took first place with her entry “Sports Bra: Supporting a Race for a Cure”. Isn’t that so great! Congrats Sarah!

You can check out the winners here.


capello said...

that little bit of everything swap sounds so fun! and good!

but i have some thank you gifts to complete before i sign up for any swaps. bummer.

those are lovely gifts you received, btw.

Heather said...

Ooh! More (well-deserved) goodies for you!

So happy to see you've join in the swap too!

Heather said...

PS, can we just talk about how cute that little smock top is? C'est fantastique! And the patchwork bag is adorable. You know where my vote is...

LLA said...

Another gorgeous package to lift your spirits! :)

I love Sarah's bra - so clever...

I am tring to go visit the Stacy's Contest site, but it keeps timing out on me for some reason. I am, however, nothing if not persistent.... :)

Enjoy all the pretty purple and orange!

Anonymous said...

Love your swap parcels and I just checked out "A Little Bit of Everything Swap" and I too think that would be great and something I can keep the weight down on for postage. Can't wait. I'm all organised for the two other swaps I'm doing so this will be great.