Friday, November 03, 2006

Office visitors….

We had some excitement at the office this week. No not more fleas (thank goodness). Instead we had discovered that we have a family of wee baby field mice that have apparently been living here for a little while. They are so used to people that they were running around in broad day light & one was so bold as to crawl on my desk with me sitting at it! I went to pick up my coffee cup & almost grabbed the little guys as well! I am not afraid of them by any means as I used to have pet mice growing up, but I also don’t want to get bit by a wild mouse.

Our boss bought traps & we have caught 3 so far. I feel bad because they are sooooo cute but they will get big (we think that they are babies because they are smaller than a ½ dollar!) & they can have 3-9 babies in a litter! They ate all my Ricola cough drops, several heresy kisses & a whole packet of crackers. They dragged all this behind my bookshelf, strong little buggers! I am sad that they must go but if they don't they might stage a rebellion & over throw use juse as Tim Bedore has been predicting, the animals are plotting to do!


beki said...

Yikes! I wouldn't be too happy about those visitors. The germs they harbor make me cringe.

LLA said...

Oh eeeek! So, so, so, so, so, so, so freakin' adorable!

I want a mouse, too!

OK - actually, scratch that - I so totally do not want a mouse. But if I did, your office mouse is the kind that I would want. Just look at those cunning little appleseed eyes! Love him!

Get that pic to CuteOverload.Com - STAT!!!!!!!!!

capello said...


run, run, run for your lives!

can't. stand. mice.

Raesha D said...

What a cute little mouse! I have loved mice and rats ever since I read the Rats of NIMH in grade school...though wild ones do not make pleasant houseguests - we had an infestation one year in our garage and I caught as many as I could in catch and release traps but we still had to kill the last few little buggers. I cried every time I found one in a trap.

Anonymous said...

No I can't agree.... Nothing about mice are cute, of yeah "Stuart Little" is cute. Hate them, can't stand them, would be up on the table and chairs if one came near me. Oh thats right I was a few months ago at work and it was worse when I thought because it was under my chair, I had run over it and killed it. Oh that creaps me out.