Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My blank Christmas list

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that Friday is December 1st already! I am so not ready. I mean I have my house decorated & all, but that is it! I have no idea what to do for gifts this year & no $ to just buy ones with. I had hoped that I would have some moment of clarity & wonderful gift ideas would seep into my brain via osmosis from the net, but no such luck so far. Darn!

I really need to make most of the gifts this year for sake of the budget with most of our funds having gone for “the house problem” this year. Which by the way is not over, we got another nasty gram from the township yesterday. Oh joy!

So I spent my lunch ½ hour searching the net for great little gifties that I can craft up. I must not be looking in the right places because I came up with almost nothing. I did find this that I thought was a rather cute idea & might be able to use.

Mouse Pad Cover

So my super crafty Diva, blogging friends, what fabulous hand crafted gift wisdom can you share with me?


stacy said...

Ok, here we go.....

I love making swirled ornaments - they look impressive and most people don't know that they are handcrafted. They sort of look marbelized. I got a box of 24 for 50% off at Hobby Lobby (which made them a whopping $2), plus acrylic paint (roughly 80 cents a tube), and decorative tins or boxes. I plan on putting up a tutorial eventually on my site how to make them - they are really easy, but take forever to dry.

Aprons! Everyone loves cute, festive aprons. Anthropologie is charging $30 for theirs. Matching accessories like potholders and ovenmits would make it a nice set.

Purses - because you can never have too many. Or a totebag with a matching accessory case.

Anonymous said...

Hi MeLisa. Have you thought of Painting Glassware. They make cheap glasses etc look a million $$. The pencil/crayon rolls I make are so cheap and easy and I have even seen one that incorporates a notepad. Great for kids of all ages and even maybe making into a writing set for someone older.
Purses, matching tissue holder, sunglasses case. One of my sunglasses case turned into a digital camera case. These are all easy, if you need patterns I can direct you.
I want to find some glass paint. Write names on each glass or simple patterns or flowers is what I want to try.
Let me know what you try. xx

Anonymous said...

Just thought of this site for you.
The title is what I thought was great. My type of sewing.
It has different categories.
Crossing my fingers for you.....
ps. Sorry to hear of your ongoing delemars with your house. More prayers going your way. xx

beki said...

How about simple patchwork throws?They use up stash, and they can be for men, which are hard to make for. Bath products - I plan on making some bath salts this season. How about baked goodies?

capello said...

the mouse pad is cute!

are you close to an archivers? (scrapbook store) they have some great little chipboard ornaments, three for two bucks. i bought some to make photo ornaments for all the grandparents and great grandparents.

i also have TONS of crafty stuff bookmarked. if you want some lists, email me and i'll email them to you :-)

LLA said...

The mouse pad looks like a great idea. Keep in mind that I do not sew at all, so I do not have a neat treasure trove of sewing ideas. However,I do know what I like! I think that for a stocking stuffer kind of idea I think the the travel tissue pouches are brilliant! I have one that Autum made,and I just love it. Also - I bet anyone would love a few of the little trees that seem to be all the rage these days...

The ornament painting is beautiful - I used to do it (with a LOT of supervision) with my preschoolers. *That's* just how easy it is! However, they do take 50 times longer to dry than you would think - so start 'em soon! Also, I would recommend making extras of them - every so often, you will get one that dries really, really streaky. I have, on occasion, acted like they were supposed to turn out that way (it's kind of an antique-y, crackled effect) but in all honesty, I prefer them not like that.

A nice way to package them is to cut a large circle of netting (silver or gold looks nice) and bundle around the ornament. Tie with a pretty ribbon, add a gift tag and you're golden...

(I actually went over to someone's house and they had it on the tree, still wrapped! The hostess was quick to point out that she knew it was supposed to be unwrapped, but she thought it looked so pretty that way, so she left it!)