Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome to The Land of Enchantment!

We have made it to New Mexico!

It is very lovely, very different, but very beautiful in it's own way. John unfortunately will have to make one more to trip to MI for another small load of "stuff" that we just could not fit in.

Other than that here is how we arrived in NM.


Now if you look closely at my car that we towed you will see that we had a special passenger......
Fred, The Deer Head, Greeted all passers by on our trip from MI to NM. We aim to entertain, what can I say?

Our new accommodations are a bit smaller (I know is it possible that out MI house? Yup it is), but very nice & without the legal problems with a corrupt local government.

Our new home!


It was like 1/4 the price to buy a brand new '08 5th wheel than for us to rent a house (pets add a lot to rent too). It is a little small, but it's very nice & we'll be able to camp in style once the MI house sells. Also it will be perfect to take to the bigger SASS shoots to stay in (once we aren't living in it full time).

Here is a little peek at the inside:
Dinning "room" & our "walk in" closet to the left. This a bunkhouse model & we just turned the bunkhouse into a closet area.

"Living" room:

"Master bed" room:


View from the "closet" of the dinning/living/kitchen:

Let me tell you it is about nothing to clean this baby! Yup we have lost our minds, but hopefully our MI house will sell soon & we can buy a "real" house.

I am on a borrowed computer so my Internet access is spotty. I miss being able to e-mail with everyone & I hope to have access in the "abode on wheels" soon!

I hope everyone is well & that I can post my report from End of Trail soon!

PS I had to add that Puppy Dog likes New Mexico too!

Puppy Dog Likes New Mexico!


Anonymous said...

She's baaaccckkk! Woohoo! So let me know when you get email. I've a ton o' pics to send. Megz found her wedding dress. Love the new digs. No kidding you can clean up so fast you'll have tons more time now for sewing!!!!!! LOL

-Miss Judi

stacy said...

Yayyyy! I missed hearing from you. Glad to see you all made it o.k.... did you get my (small) package I sent?

Lucy said...

Melisa-glad to see you arrived to your new destination okay, I was thinking about you. Your new pad is actually quite spacious inside, and homey! I hope your house in Michigan sells soon for you and that headache is over with.

Looking forward to hearing from you again and all about your new adventures. Take care!!


Anonymous said...

So pleased you made it ok to your new home. I think it's great. Like being on a holiday everyday. I suppose you will get sick of it so crossing my fingers for the other house to sell. Puppy-Dog looks very clean fluffy and happy.
Can't wait to catch up and tell you about my beautiful swap I received while you were away. he he he.

capello said...

hey! i like your new digs!

and no crappy government/scary builders to deal with too.

Raesha D said...

Yeah!!! Welcome to the Land of Enchantment:):) Your new home is beautiful:)

Chara Michele said...

Yeah!!! So glad that you made it there okay:) I was actually just thinking about you today and planning on emailing you tomorrow, I had seen a few of your pictures that you had posted on flickr and was wondering how things were going. So it is good to see that all is well and you are getting settled in:)

I like your new house! Puppy Dog looks happy:)

beki said...

I'm so happy to hear that all is well with you!!

LLA said...


This is great timing - I was thinking about you just this morning!!! I'm thrilled to know that y'all made it there safe and sound, and that you're settling in.

And look at how happy PuppyDog looks!

em said...

Wonderful 5th wheel! Hopefully you'll have plenty of opportunity to use that once you've settled into your permanent digs.

You're practically a neighbor now to us Coloradoans. :)

Renee said...

Your back yay!!!
So glad to hear you made i safely to your new area, and that Puppy Dog likes it too.
Keep us informed and I will keep my fingers crossed that the MI house sells for ya super fast!
So glad your back I've been missing you!

bekka said...

oh goody! i was so pleased to see a fresh post here. i've missed you! and wondered what you've been into. lots of busyness, no doubt! look at those blue skies! wow. i'm sure you're in for a grand adventure in NM. and your pup? very very sweet! is he/she a border collie?

Julie said...

Your new home looks great! I wish my cleaning was that easy. Glad you made it safely to NM.

Carole said...

Welcome to New Mexico. I am going to enjoy hearing all about my native state. I live in Georgia now but I miss the big sky.