Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Virtual Sewing & Actual Packing

Well the count down is on & the packing has begun.

All of my sewing “stuff” has been packed up thanks to my lovely Mom, who came up from FL for 5 days to help me. She's where I get my passion for sewing (& collecting, fabric, patterns etc) from. So she totally gets that I will NEED to be able to be able to sew once we get to New Mexico even though most of our possessions are going into storage. We spent most of the time that she was here organizing the projects that I think I will want to work on first for easy access & packing up the rest of the fabric in a way that I should be able to locate anything that I need easily enough. It's doesn't seem like this should take 5 days but you haven't seen my "stash" either. It is really quite embarrassing.

Now my MIL, Joyce is up till Sun helping to pack up the rest of the house. My last day of work is this Fri & we pick the moving truck that same day. So Thank God for my Mom’s or it would never get done!

So because I can’t actually sew anything right now I am “virtually” sewing & planning out projects in my head for the time when I will be able to sew again. The first projects when we get to NM will be to finish anything that I need for my Victorian outfits to attend End of Trail, but once that is over besides looking for a job I want to use this fabric from Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics.

I was a little surprised how large the print was when I received my order & was totally stumped as to what I should make from it. Then my Mom & I were in Target & saw this dress!

Ah Ha!!! The light went off & I knew that I needed to make a dress from my Big Daisy knit.

Now what pattern……? Then I remembered the McCall’s 5379 dress that Stacy made & how much I liked view C.

While Joyce & I sat waiting for people to show up for our garage sale yesterday I cut out the pattern. At least that part is out of the way & once we are more settled in NM I will be able to get the fabric cut.

Speaking of New Mexico I am finally starting to get excited about getting out there. I have been so completely over whelmed by everything that needs to be done that I haven't fully grasped that I am moving 1400 miles in less than a week to state that I have never been to before! Oh wait, I take that back we drove through NM when I was 5 when we went to the Grand Canyon, but I would hardly count that!

During my lunch break today I did a little net surfing to see what kind of "dates" I can get John to take me on once we get out there. There looks to be a lot of cool places out there!

There is of course Santa Fe & Old Town in Albuquerque.

We will be living right by the Sandia Peak Tramway, which is the world’s longest passenger aerial tramway. John has already ridden (by horse not tram) to the peak & he says that it is incredible! A side note on that, John & Scott (his friend) rode to the peak on horse back & then they got to the top a tram full of tourists had just arrived. They heard "Oh look cowboys!!!" & got bombarded with photo requests. So if you were on the the Sandia Peak Tram a few weeks ago & took a picture of a couple cowboys at the peak chances are one of them was my John. Auh yes, one more thing the lady park ranger that was hitting on him in the parking lot better step back, he's already taken, but I can hardly blame you. There is something about cowboys.....

Anyhoo I digress, It appears that New Mexico has several wineries, ghost towns, caverns & even scuba diving!

Also I will be totally crushed if John won't take me Llama treking in the wilds of New Mexico!!!!

Doesn’t that guy they show on their home page just crack you up??? Oh just me, huh? Oh well what can I say? I am easily entertained.

It should be an adventure to say the least! I doubt that I will be able to post before we leave but I hope to have lots to share once we in our new digs in NM.

Until then I hope you all take care!


Anonymous said...

Goodbye, my friend, and safe journey. Here's to a happy new life for both you & John! Thought of you Saturday night at my party as we cracked open that bottle of St Julian's pinot gregio you brought me last fall. We "Hoovered" it down. New Mexico looks to be the perfect place for your SASS activities. Once you unpack & settle down, hope you will continue chronicling your sewing here. Or send me an occasional email. I will stay tuned...p.s. I will send your pattern back to NM along with some goodies!!

Miss Judi

Nancy (nanflan) said...

You definitely need to take the Tram up to Sandia Peak. Get DH to take you to dinner at High Finance, too. The quality and service is up and down at High Finance, but you're really going there for the view, anyway.

You'll find plenty to do, there's plenty to see in and near Albuquerque and Santa Fe!

Welcome in advance to New Mexico!

capello said...

hey, i like how it's draped now -- off the shoulder, bunched in the back -- it's totally cute!

Chara Michele said...

I am so excited for you (even if you are moving further away, when I finally found a blogger that lives semi near me:)! You definitely need to get John to take you Llama treking and then take lots of pictures! (Can you ride Llama's or do you just walk alongside the Llama?)

I think that pattern looks like it would be great with that fabric. Although I do like how it is draped right now:)

Once you unpack and get settled in, I think we all need to see a picture of this stash you have:)

Rebecca said...

much agreed! there IS something about cowboys. now if only i can turn my man into one.... i'll be set.

LLA said...

Love your fabric, love what you've got planned for it!

How exciting - the move must really be seeming real now. I'm so thrilled for you, it sounds like it is going to be a wonderful adventure!


Raesha D said...

OOOOHHH I can't wait for you to get here:):):) There is SO much to do in New Mexico.

Lucy said...

Thank goodness for Moms! I hope the rest of your packing goes smoothely as does your trip down. I'd be excited too, it's a totally new fork in the road you are turning down, you can start over, start fresh, and have many new adventures along the way!

I love the fabric, too-I think your biggest challenge will be finding the right pattern or positioning of the fabric with your pattern so the big flower falls right--but what do I know, this is coming from the girl that only sews pillows :P LOL


Renee said...

I hope everything goes smoothly and fast for you so you can get to your sweetie and fend off the park ranger!
Too Funny about the tourists, might be a way to make some extra money though :)

Good Luck Sweetie!

em said...

When you get to NM, we'll practically be neighbors! You're going to love the region. The air is dry so be sure to bring lots of lip gloss!