Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fall ’07 Simplicity & New Look Patterns – Part #2 New Look Fall ‘07

It looks like New Look is into knits this Fall. They are offering several patterns for knits & seeing as I have a PILE of knits in ye o’l stash I am looking forward to checking them out!

#6729 – Knit tops

Another wrap top, but with a twist!!! I am really excited about this one. There is this whole cross over wrap thing going on that I am totally intrigued by! It appears that the sleeves have a kimono kind of shape to them & there is a center back seam that is great for adjusting the fit. This is one my must buy list. Finally something totally new!

#6735 – Knit coordinates – Cardigan, tops, pants & skirt

I think that this might have been done already, in fact I think that I have this pattern, sans the cardigan, (ok maybe not that exact one but items that look pretty close in different patterns)but look at the fabric that they used!!! I have both the black & white floral in the skirt & the aqua, black & white chain link from the top! (Thank you Gorgeous Fabrics!) So not that I would need this pattern but I will probably pick it up anyway. I like the simple look of the black & white skirt outfit & the pants. Also can you have too many patterns?

#6731 – Knit dress & tops

At first glance I thought, "oh this has already been done!". Now that I take a closer look at view A & B it looks like it has a twisted treatment that seems so popular right now. Another one that might be worth checking out.

#6736 – Coat, Jacket, Dress and Pants
I think that the pink coat that they show on the envelope is super cute but I am not sure that I would bother buying the pattern just for that one item.

#6737 – Tunic or Top and Pants

I am on the fence with this last one. I think that the tops have an Anthropology look to them & probably if you used the right fabrics they would be super cute. I think that might be part of the problem is that I am not too crazy about the fabrics that they used.

# 6723 - Dresses

I like the black sleeveless version. I think that it would look so nice in a dark chocolate brown, deep red, or even like they have it, black. Everyone needs a little black dress & I think that this style would be very flattering. The shape looks like it would hide a multitude of sins.


capello said...

holy crap, i really like the coats!

Chara Michele said...

Seriously what would I do if you didn't post these pattern overviews!

I actually really like #6731, the tan shirt in the bottom left corner... Hmm, just not sure I want to try sewing with knits!

Anonymous said...

I like the first two the best.
I could get into sewing clothes this summer. Bring it on....

Rebecca said...

i love wrap tops, wrap dresses. but often they only appear to be a wrap and are not! i hate when that happens. but i love that little dress at the bottom. may have to whip up one of those!