Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fall '07 Simplicity & New Look Patterns - Part 1 Simplicity


It doesn't look like I have missed too much in the pattern area while on my unintentional blog hiatus.

Let's start with the Simplicity patterns shall we?

#3691 - 80th Anniversary Vintage Evening Gown

I really dislike the taupe version with the the strange collar thing, but the blue one saved it for me. I love the way the skirt has an inverted pleat in the back(check out the line drawing). I think that this would be really lovely made in black or dark read satin, if you had an event to wear it to.

#3631 - Sew Stylish Collection: Coat, Jacket, Dress, Jumper, Slim Pants and Skirt

I am not sure how I would have felt about this collection if I had not just today picked up the Fall issue of Sew Stylish mag & seen the 11 different outfits that they made from this pattern! I haven't gotten to read the article yet but I love the red version of the jacket that they show on the cover. Oh and of course the magazine is getting canceled. Their last issue will be Dec '07. Figures! Anyway If you get the chance give it a look. I am not all that crazy about the pants in this pattern, but I like my straight or wider leg pants. I did the peg-rolled, skinny leg jeans & pants the first time around. Thank you anyway!

Last of the Simplicity's is:

#3640 - Misses Pants, Hooded Sweatshirt and Knit Top

I think that this has a nice look to if for sweatsuit/workout wear. The pants have a nice shape to them. The jacket looks fitted & not all baggy & blah. Maybe with this you could run to the store in your sweats without looking a frumpy!

That is about it. Most everything just looked like a version of other patterns that are already out. I might change my mind after I see some made up out there in sewing Blogland but for now I say, Blah!

Next up: New, New Looks, I feel like they did a little better job,a little that is.

Until then! Sew on y'al!


stacy said...

I liked that Simplicity pattern too - until I looked at the legs and thought "How are my Conan legs going to look in those?" LOL. I did like a few of the new New Looks though!

BTW, it's nice to have you back blogging!

Chara Michele said...

I do like that belted jacket quite a bit! Although I am not sure about the rest of the items on that pattern cover:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, may make the workout one for dance class. Especially like the lines of the jacket. Not crazy about the Sew Stylish one. I'll have to pick up the mag & see what the hoopla is about. (although I like their concept & have said before I feel you get more bang for your buck when you buy the wardrobe patterns)