Friday, June 16, 2006

Vest Sewing

Ugh I can’t believe that is was May 31st when I posted last! I have been busy!

I have been working feverously on getting John’s vest done, so that I can make the one that I will actually get paid for. I hadn’t made the pattern before & had heard that it ran small & seeing as I only have measurements to go off for the other 2 that I need to make & not a live body I used him as my guinea pig. Not that he is complaining mind you. It’s funny that he gets excited over new shooting cloths but new regular clothes not so much. I am making it out of a striped denim with a little lycra in it. Unfortanutley we didn’t notice when we were buying that the stripes run horizontal & not vertical! It was wide enough that I cut the vest out so that the stripes run vertical, but now so does the stretch. Oh well. It doesn’t really seem to be a problem. As to the vest pattern I haven’t found it to be big at all. In fact I had to take some out of the side seams & the back seam to get the nice snug fit that John wanted. I just need him to try it on one last time & then I can finish it up & move on to the next one.

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