Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More new patterns….

Ok Kids McCalls just released their Summer 2007 patterns. Let take a peek & see if they have managed to come out with anything new or if it’s the same old tired offerings in different colors……

Ok is it me or are a lot of this years styles very baggie maternity looking??? I mostly like lose clothes (except jeans, bootcut yes please but I like a good fit in the rear, Y’all wanted to know that right? Incidentally 2 of the best fitting that I have found in a long time are Levis 525 & 515. Both are slightly low rise & bootcut with a little stretch. Yeah baby!)

So anyhooooo on with the patterns……

The Good:

McCalls 5428: Plunge neck shrug has yoke and tie closure variations, front and back gathers and below elbow length sleeve; shrugs B, D have yoke contrasts; sleeveless pullover top has front darts.

I think that this is a cute & different option for a summer jacket or sweater. I am always cold when I am in a/c. In restaurants, the office, movies etc, but in getting into these meat lockers I roast in the summer heat. When we lived in FL I always carried a sweater in my car just incase I forgot to grab one because I knew that I would be freezing by the time the food came. I would imagine that New Mexico will be the same for me so I might pick this one up. Also I think that it would be really cute over a sheath or tank dress.

McCalls 5430: MISSES’ WRAP SKIRTS- Skirts A, B, C have waistband with self-ties and inside buttonholes; skirt A has front pleats creating a cascade; skirt B has optional trim; skirt C has self-faced pockets; length is 2" below mid-knee.

I like View C because it looks exactly like a vintage 1960’s wrap skirt that I have. I am not sure how I feel about the one with the cascading trim thingy but this looks to be a true a-line wrap skirt & would be a great summer staple made up in light weight denim, cotton or linen. Also you could embelish the pockets with biase trim, embroidery, patches, etc. Lots of possibilities!

McCalls 5431: Flared skirt has yoke and back zipper closure; skirts A, B have lower edge band contrasts; skirts B, C, D have pocket and pocket band variations; skirt C has belt carriers; skirts C, D have machine-stitched narrow hems.

I have a skirt thing this summer for some reason. I would like to see this one made up to see if the pockets add to the design or add 10 pounds to my hips. I like pockets but sometimes they aren’t a good choice. I like the shorter views & the contrasting bands.

McCalls 5434: MISSES’ TOPS, DRESS, SKIRT AND PANTS IN TWO LENGTHS: Tops A, B and dress C have wrapped fronts with self-ties; top B has three-quarter sleeves; dress C is lower calf length; top D is strapless and has elastic casing; skirt E has mock wrapped front, elastic waist casing, length is 2" below mid-knee; pull-on pants F, G have elastic waist casing; pants F is lower calf length.

This just screams comfy, stylish summertime office to beach resort vacation to me. I don’t usually like the whole asymmetrical thing but this I like. I think that this would make a great travel wardrobe because it wouldn’t wrinkle. I am not too crazy about the tube top because my girls just don’t have the umph for that kind of thing but I think that I could easily add straps & use Stacy’s article from Feb 2007 Sew News to add a shelf bra. Or you know I could just wear one of the dozen cami’s with the built in bras that I have. I just LOVE those things!

McCalls 5441 - ORGANIZER ITEMS: Package includes patterns and instructions for pocket pillow A, 16" square; square wall organizer B, 20" square; closet organizer C, 17" square; long pocket wall caddy D, 7" W × 34" L, purchased handle; apron E, one size, 19" W × 16" L, excluding ties; all items have contrast pockets and binding.

I just love things that claim they will get me organized! Now I am not sure why you would want a “pocket pillow” but it is hard to see in the picture so it might be the best thing since sliced bread in real life. The other things I can totally see being handy for organizing from the sewing room to the bathroom. As we are going to be very limit on space in our New Mexico abode these might come in super handy. Also I just saw on U-Handbag where they used a purse handle for something similar. Great idea!

The Bad:

McCalls 5423:
That huge bow just bugs the bageezums out of me. This might be very cute made up in a different way but it’s kind of old lady muumuu looking to me here.

The very Ugly:

McCalls 5432 – I couldn’t even get past the color combo that they picked for this one to tell what the style is like. Then once I was able to pull my eyes away much like you can’t look away from a train wreck I realized that the style is really bad also. The jacket & vest look shapeless & the pants look high granny waisted & what’s up with the tube top. Ugh on the whole thing. I just think that this woudl look frumpy on anyone & there are much better wardrobe style patterns out there than wasting good pattern money on this. It doesn't even look nice on the model for goodness sake!


stacy said...

I love the 5431 skirts! I could see myself making one up in some Amy Butler fabric..... :)

5432 blinded me with their fabric choices! Those stripes! ACK.

I'm not sure how that puffy jacket would look on me, though - I might have to try to find one in a store and try it on before I'm sold on that pattern.

LLA said...

ACK - my eyes!

When you said "the very ugly" - you called that right...

Chara Michele said...

Wow, I think you called it on the very ugly! Those fabrics sure are bright, what were they thinking?

bekka said...

hmmmm, jury still out on those patterns.

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment the other day on your Victorian skirt. Don't know why it didn't publish. Anyways, fabulous creation. Loved, loved that fan fabric. Good choice. Your skills are equally fabulous...hmm, how do you feel about making Megz wedding gown? ha, ha, just kidding. Good call on those patterns too.


Anonymous said...

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