Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Playing catch up

Goodness that was such a long time with no posting! Now I have to try to catch up.

First up Chara & I are hosting a sew-along on flickr for the Sew What! Skirts book.* We have been talking about this book for like a month. Chara set up the flickr group & we already have like 3 or 4 skirts up in the photo album! I actually got mine cut out last weekend, except the facing which I totally forgot about. Maybe I will get that sewed up this week.

Next up Butterick has their Summer 2007 patterns out.

I can’t say that I am over thrilled by any of them but there are a couple that are kind of cute & I might pick up if I am near Joann’s during a $1.99 sale.

Flared, wrapped dress, below mid-knee has semi-fitted bodice, front band or collar, sleeve variations – There are a ton of wrap dresses out this season, but this one looks pretty nice with all the different options & it says it’s easy.

Front wrap top or dress has inset at waist. A, B, C: sleeveless. C: scalloped edge of fabric at hem. D: contrasting flare sleeve and inset. – For some reason I love the look of the pattern drawings of this. I am sure that it would look completely like maternity wear on me but I am just drawn to it. It looks cool, comfy & cute. I love the brown outfit on the left. This is on the maybe list.

It might seem odd that I would include a bag pattern but I keep seeing those triangle shaped bags in magazines. I think that they are supposed to be better for your back or something. I thought that it might be a good vacation type bag, not that we are planning one, but maybe one day.

Butterick appears to be jumping on the Indy pattern band wagon as well. They now have several patterns by CONNIE CRAWFORD. Judi & I saw her patterns at the Sewing Expo last Sept. I looked at them but wasn’t impressed enough to buy any. I don’t remember if we actually saw any made up or not. Maybe in the Indy Pattern company show that they did? I don’t remember. I will keep an eye on Pattern Review I think to see what people say. None of her Butterick offering are crying out to me as of yet. The neat thing though is that the Big 4 pattern companies must be realizing that their normal offerings are seriously lacking & are trying to make amends by offering the Indy patterns too. Good for them! I hope they keep it up.

On last thing I thought I would let you all know that my Mom has just listed some of Heather Bailey’s Fresh Cut fabric in her Ebay store & has it on sale. Look under the fabric section. I am super excited that she was able to get some. She says that it is beautiful in both look & feel. I can’t wait to get some. I have a birthday coming up in July & I can guess what I will be getting. I want to make a couple skirts from Sew What! Skirts but I haven’t worked out the fabric combo yet……hmmmmm…….

*I should say that Chara is hosting & I am just tagging along because she set up the flickr group & got everything going! Thanks Chara!


capello said...

i'm almost ready to wear a skirt. maybe it will make my badonkadonk look a little smaller.

Lucy said...

Thanks for reviews- your my source for the what for in the pattern world! I like the brown outfit, too..that's my style, the bottom right tourqouise bag, and letter A on your dress feauture. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Chara Michele said...

It's fun to be hosting the skirt sew along with you! I think you are actually a little further along on your skirt than I am:) This next week I am going to get it finished though!

Thank you for the pattern reviews! Your blog is actually how I find out about the pattern companies having new patterns out.

Hope you are having a good week!!