Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To Ottobre, Or not??? & needing some gift advice???

After seeing Lori's really cute jeans she made from Ottobre 5/2007 I am wondering if I "need" to jump on the Ottobre band wagon?

They kind of remind me of these cute jeans from Old Navy.

There have been some really cute items reviewed on PR from various Ottobre issues. Their kids patterns are really cute, but as we are kid-less at this point I know that I don't need any of the kid's issues but what about the women's issues?

I thought I would see what you all think. Have any of you made anything from an Ottobre issue? What did you think of their patterns? Were the magazines worth the price? Or would I be better off getting a couple of the new Hot Patterns & some More Onion patterns?

I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

Oh let me leave you with a progress picture of the convention sewing......
Brown & Pink Reception Dress - Overskirt Front

And one of our Thanksgiving, well Black Friday really, snow. Yup New Mexico gets snow, but it is almost all gone already!
New Mexico Snow - Nov 23, 2007

One last thing one a totally unrelated note, has anyone ever tried making soldered glass pendants?
I was trying to decide what to do for our mom's & John's aunt for Christmas & because there is no way I am making their gifts as I usually do this year, I was checking out the pendants on Etsy. My thinking was that I would buy the charms & string them into a beaded necklace. Then because I wasn't find exactly the images that I wanted I thought, you dummy! Surely you can makes these! I started looking into how they are made. Pretty straight forward & John must have a soldering iron right. Tool man that he is. Ha! Nope, he does not. Sooooo now I would need to get a soldering iron, lead free silver solder, microscope slides, copper tape etc...... Where I have no idea. Any suggestions? Or should I settle (not that they all aren't really really beautiful, but not what I was wanting) for the ones on Etsy?


Karen in Wichita said...

You probably wouldn't have wanted to use his soldering iron anyway. Basic leaded glass work is really, really easy *if* you have the right tools and materials. I have a metric buttload in the basement that I keep meaning to get out and work with (I favor the stained-glass-and-wirework ones, myself, Ling Glass and Almond Tree and such), but I haven't done it yet. I even have a little collection of stamps I've set aside for framing whenever I get around to getting some slides... sigh.

I'm lucky in that I have a really nice stained-glass shop (where I took classes lo these many years ago) in town, and also a science supply store, so I really don't have any useful sources. Just encouragement: it's way easy.

stacy said...

I say go for the Ottobre! I have one issue (but haven't made anything yet due to time and my changing shape) - I think they are like Burda, great fit and cute looks!

Rebecca said...

how do i not know about Ottobre? fo gor it, i say! and your skirt looks super super lovely! snow, too? oh, i have serious NM envy. about the stained glass pendants. have you considered using resin? i think you can color them to look like stained glass. but am not so certain about the process. those pendants are lovely on etsy, i often find myself in a state of lust, but then i fall into that whole "but i can make it myself" trap that requires an investment of $$ in supplies and time in learning the skills.

Heidi said...

MeLisa, check out this company:
they sell kits of soldering supplies that are really reasonable, and they are pink! :) You can also buy the glass blanks from them already cut to size. I haven't tried this myself but I am DYING to learn--a kit is on my Christmas list this year! I think that it looks a little tricky, mostly just getting the hang of managing the iron & the solder and the flux but I think with some practice it's probably pretty straight forward. Let us know if you do try it!

PS--that skirt is beautiful!

mermaids said...

yes, definitely give ottobre woman a try. i use ottobre patterns almost exclusively. i could go on and on with my ottobre lovefest, but it might be easier for you to look at my blog. :)


Anonymous said...

Love the skirt and wow look at that snow and now it's gone? That just amazes me.
Can't help you with the rest....

LLA said...

wow. Wow. WOW!

That skirt has me grasping for words... it is just amazing, and the fact that you can actually *make* something like that? Just. Blows. Me. Away.

I've very interested to see what you get up to on the glass pendant front, too. Wish I had any info and advice for you, but I got nothing. But good wishes, which I'll send your way for this new project!

Chara Michele said...

I like the jeans Lori made. I have never made anything from ottobre though, so I can't be much help there...

I can hardly believe that New Mexico got snow before we even got any! My goodness. Not that I am complaining:) The snow can stay far away from me:) said...

Gosh, there is a lot of useful material here!