Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Look Winter 2007

We are still moving in & there are piles of “stuff” everywhere so I no pictures of our new digs just yet.

So instead I have my picks from the new New Look patterns.

Nothing earth shatteringly trendy or fabulous but quite a few “basics”.

First up.....

#6749 ~ Dresses: I really like view A, the purple one on the model. I think that this would make a fabulous Holiday party dress or a wonderful "Little Black Dress". If you made it in black you could make the sash from a wonderful jewel tone satin that is so "in" this season. With all the different options in this pattern there is something for every one's tastes.

#6750 ~ Dresses: Another good dress pattern for the Holiday season & beyond. I really like the black & white one on the model for work & the black one with the jewel tone sash.

If you look at the line drawing, this pattern has a ton of different options. It appears that it would be very easy to lengthen the sleeves to make it a little more cold weather friendly.

#6753 ~ Knit Tops: A slightly different take on an empire waist knit top.

#6756 ~ Misses Capes and Bag: A different take on the winter coat. Capes seem to be big this season & they are starting to grow on me.

#6756 ~ Trousers & Skirts: I was trying to decide how I feel about this pattern. I don't think that I care for the skirts at all. The trousers however I am torn on. I like the grey pair shown on the model, but I am am not sure about the tan pair. I think that the sash makes the gray ones for me. I think that I might like the tan pair better if I could see them with an untucked close fitting knit top. Maybe it is just that I remember when pleated front pants were the thing & it haunts me! Or maybe it's the wide yoke then the pleats that look odd to me without some kind of top covering some of the yoke. I'm not sure......

#6762 ~ Knit wardrobe: A good basic knit wardrobe pattern. I think that this would make a great base for a travel, comfy weekend or even casual work wardrobe. It would be very easy to lengthen the sleeves or body of the top for many different looks. Depending on the knit you use (wool, cotton, rayon, etc) this pattern could take you through all four seasons.

Also I think that the top would be so cute if you lengthen the raglan sleeves to end in a gathered cuff like these:

Unisex patterns are usually blah, but I think that I might pick these two up.

#6765 ~ Miss, Men & Teen Pajama Pants /Short, Knit Top and Misses Knit Nightshirt - PJ's always seem to be popular as gifts & I thought that this one had some good possibilities for themed jammies. You can do the bottoms in a print, maybe a favorite sports team, then do the top in the team colors.

#6766 ~ Miss, Men & Teen Pullover Top and Pants and Misses Knit Pants and Tank Top: Another good lounging around watching fall football pattern. I think that the pockets on the pants are cute, but I am not sure how I feel about the tank top. The waist tie is cute & maybe if you add a built in bra to it I might feel differently. hmmmmm.......

Now for my "what were they thinking" pick:

#6763 ~ Misses Pants and Knit Cardigan and Tops: Is it just me or does this just look odd? Is it maternity wear or what? I don't think so because there isn't a panel in the pants & the tank doesn't look like it would accommodate a bump, what is up with that cardigan???? It makes here look like she's five!

Here I'll leave you with one picture from own new place. This is looking to the west from our deck.

Westward View


stacy said...

I can't wait to see the new place!

Anonymous said...

Hi MeLisa, I'm a bit behind with your posts. Congrats on the new place, sounds like a great trade off to me. Just look at the view and great internet connection. Yahoo!
Conference sounds great too so we will be expecting lots of photos, OK!!
Glad to hear from you my dear friend.

Rebecca said...

the view from your desk is fantastic!

Chara Michele said...

That view looks amazing! I can't wait to see photos of your new place:)