Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some News

Ok let me start by saying that I have been trying to post this since Thurs. am. So now some of the news has come & gone.......Like my interview on Fri. seeing as today is Sat.

Yes I am still alive. Still dealing with spotty internet connection but that should change soon.

So with the news, well several things really.

First I have my second round of interviews with The Gap Inc, corp. offices on Fri. They have part of their headquarters here in Abq (that’s short for Albuquerque incase your not up on the New Mexican lingo). They handle all the real estate, payroll, inventory & other financial stuff here. For those that don’t my degree when I was in college was Fashion design & merchandising until they canceled the program. Leaving me with a bunch of non-transferable credits & a bad tasted for higher education. Thus my unfinished degree. So I am rather excited about the prospect of working at The Gap, be it not at all in a creative aspect. But if you know away to make Payroll creative endeavor by all means please let me know. Anyhoo they have a tons of employee benefits & sound like a great company to work for. They remind me a little of when I worked for State Farm in MI. We shall see. It’s only part-time for now but from the sounds of things there will be tons of opportunity to move in all kinds of directions with them once I actually get the job.

PS ~ The interview went well or maybe ok. I don't know I hate interviews. I always think of what I want to say or ask an hour after it's over. Ugh! All four of the people that I interviewed with were very nice & personable. I think that I would really like working at there if I get the job. So fingers crossed. I shoudl hear something Mon.

There is a reason that I am only looking for a part-time job right now…….No not that reason. Although is probably will including taking care of babies next spring but of the four legged type. John & I have been offered a caretakers position at a Thoroughbred horse ranch! They currently have 3 mares in foal! Yeah! That will be fun to see babies born. Here is what we get an apartment & 1 car garage on the 40 acre ranch, including high speed internet, direct TV, all utilities & local phone calls. So as glamorous as all that sounds we in exchange need to feed & clean 7 horse stalls & paddocks every morning, feed again at night, feed 2 dogs & clean their kennels out weekly as well. But David & Laurie are very nice, we will have more room than in our “home on wheels” & they have a gorgeous view of the Sandia Mountains! We are moving in this weekend so I will try to get some pics then.

Also John & I are going to the SASS Convention in Las Vegas in Dec!!!!! Yeah! We will be working, volunteering really, but it gets us a room & tickets to the convention so who cares! This is billed as the social event of the year for SASS people. There are tons of vendors, a ball & lots of people from all over the country come. My friend Gina from Idaho will be there & a bunch of other ladies that I know from the internet that I haven’t met face to face yet. Pretty exciting for us. Once we move in to out apt at Rising Star Ranch (great name huh?). I will be sewing like a crazy person trying to get stuff made for us to wear in Vegas. It’s pretty fancy because everything is inside, so no dirt & wind! Yeah! I know one dress that I will defiantly be taking is this one. We finally got our pics back from the photographer that we had taken at Outlaw Trail. This is the one that we are going to use for our Christmas card this year.

On a totally different note I am really enjoying Twilight.

I saw the author on the Today Show a couple weeks ago & picked up the book to see what the fuss was about. It’s supposed to be the next Harry Potter type craze. I think that it is gear toward an older audience though. I have always like Vampires, not sure what that is about but I really got into the whole Interview with a Vampire thing. It’s an easy read & good for getting lost in. I like a little romance with my mystery/adventure, but not all that heaving chests & what not like the Harlequin romances. So this fits the bill. Also I have 2 more after this one to look forward to. I like my books like I like my movies, easy to get into & Calgon-take-me-away- esque. I don’t want to be depressed when I am done.

That is about it for now. We have my aunt & uncle stopping in for a couple days on their way to AZ (they are full time RV-ers), taking care of the horses where our RV is, cat sitting for some friends (at another place), job interview Friday afternoon & moving this weekend. Yeah I think that should be enough to keep me busy a couple days. ~ Again 2 days late on the posting thanks to a crappy connection, so they came & are leaving today. Had a great time with them.

Oh one last thing to share. I am loving this new jewelry set I made a couple weeks ago. The grey/black/cream stones are some kind of opal that I bought in a bead store in Old Town. They are really pretty in real life the pics don’t show them off that well. ~ Wore this with my bubble gum pink skirt & balck pants to my interview. It looked really nice with the pink actually. Maybe they brought me some luck?!
Wish me luck at my interview & I hope to post some pics of our new digs soon!


LLA said...

Wow - so much going on - and it all sounds good!

Got all kinds of fingers and toes crossed for you re: the Gap job - I've heard that it is a really good company for which to work.

Also, the new pad sounds quite nice indeed! Can't wait to see the pictures of the view, ranch, etc.

Raesha D said...

Very cool about the ranch!! Where is is exactly??? I hope you get the job at Gap! My hubby's good friend works there and he really likes it. He actually gets to work from home most of the week too!! How cool!!!! I worked downtown for 5 years and my office was one block from Gap:) I used to eat lunch at La Salita downstairs at least once a week:)

capello said...

LOVE the necklace!

and whoa, nelly! you all have been BUSY -- and it's all really good things! i'm so happy for you!

beki said...

I'm so happy to get an update from you, it seems that you're settling in nicely there in NM. GOod luck on the job hunt, that sounds exciting!

Rebecca said...

OMG! i have such caretaker ranch envy. you wouldn't believe it. i'm so thrilled for you that you can expand your space and possibly have a sewing area again! and the job, too! i bet they loved you. so yeah, payroll doesn't sound all that thrilling, but the benefits do.

Chara Michele said...

I am so happy that you got the caretaker position! I am expecting lots of photos of the horses now from you:) Will you be allowed to ride their horses too at all?

Lucy said...

I'm so glad everything is coming together for you and you love your new homeland!

As far as making your job creative--I would do the best job you can (which I know you will), THEN as you get to know everyone, start showing of your design prowess and dazzle them with your wonderful creations (tote your own horn ;), adorn your desk with something hand made, bring in something for show and tell..LOL...we do it at my office all the time and love seeing eachother's creations, and then before you know it, you will feel like your job is creative and who knows, maybe the higher ups will see the talent you have and put you in a position more inline with your passion!

Glad to see you back :)