Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thrifty Thursday

Ok I have tried to post this a few times but my pictures would not load, but now that we have hi-speed internet at the apartment I finally can! Haaaaaa!!!! So here is my Thrifty Thurs a week late!

I was going to post this along with my “News” post but it got way to long & out of hand. It had to get it’s own post.

So on to the Thrifty Thursday….if my pictures would ever finish uploading. So I have discovered another thing to LOVE about New Mexico, aside from the fact that nearly everyone here is sooo nice. There must be something in the water because people are just really friendly. Not like the polite friendly in the Mid-West but the help you move heavy gun safes after only knowing you a couple months, talk your arm off in the check-out line friendly. Really nice but hard to know how to deal with having grown up in South Florida where you are more likely to get flipped off or cursed out than anything else. So anyway back to what I LOVE. In Abq there is a road named San Mateo, this is turning into my most favorite street so far. (Reasha if you are reading this, have you guessed why?). There is a Joann’s fabrics, Hancocks Fabrics, Savers Thrift store & a huge Goodwill at with in like 3 miles of each other! The first two next to each other & the third across the street! Crazy! So I haven’t done much thrifting since moving here, what with not working & all, but I have gotten to Savers a couple times.

So I have babbled enough, Here are some pictures of my New Mexico thrifty finds. I guess that because I haven’t been able to blog in so long that I am just rattling on & on.

Thrifty Thurs - Shoes
Black chunky work heels - Nine West $12.00
Black mary janes - $4.99 for Can Can outfit yet to be made.
Blue heels - $4.99 great shape on the heel. I am going to replace the ties with gold ribbon to go with my "Blue Mum" Victorian Dress.

Thrifty Thurs - Blue Ridge
Blue Ridge plate - 69 cents

Thrifty Thurs - Blouses
Couple of new blouses for my new job(fingers crossed that I get it).

Thrifty Thurs - Linen napkins
These are for my Mom for Christmas.
Thrifty Thurs
McCall's 9635 ~ Front wrap dress with or without short set-in sleeves and scarf.
McCalls 4631 ~ Dresses or top and pants with transfer for embroidery.
I got these & 2 others for 99 cents at Savers.
Thrifty Thurs
Vogue 7226 ~ Very loose fitting evening dresses.

McCall's 4313 ~ Unlined jacket & pants. Circa 1974

These were in the same pack as the other two McCall's patterns. The Vogue one dosen't have have the direction & I don't plan to keep it anyway. The McCall's one felt the same way about that one at first but once I took a closerr look I think the jacket might be kind of fun to make up.

The jacket description is this "Buttoned, back yoked jacket has collar, sleeves pleated into buttoned cuffs and waistband extension tied in front. Jacket B has pleated patch pockets with button trimmed flaps."

I was thinking that made up in the right fabric it might be pretty cute for work. But what kind of fabric.........?
Thrifty Thurs
McCalls 4631 - circa 1975. Groovy baby! I actually bought the pack of patterns from Savers just for this pattern & the wrap dress pattern. I really like the blue satin top for some reason. I also think that this would be nice made up in a knit. The pattern description " Pullover dress or top gathered into neckbands, has raglan sleeves gathered into buttoned or snapped cuffs and cummerbund. Pants have hooked waistband and zipper in front opening." This pattern is as old as me!

Let me add to that the Goodwill here has a clearence center. I got 2 blouses, the napkins & the scarf that is under the shoes, all for $1.25! Crazy huh!????


LLA said...


Those are some fabulous finds for Thrifty Thursday!

Cherie said...

Love your view! I'm from Minnesota originally, but love the West also (Phoenix). I'm hoping for you on that job! Thrifting, so interesting, never know what you can find! I love those blue gillies!

Raesha D said...

Awesome finds!! Yes, you can spend all day on that stretch of San Mateo:):)

Chara Michele said...

What great finds! Crossing my fingers for you on that job:)