Saturday, October 13, 2007

To SWAP or not to SWAP?

I LOVE checking out all the entries to the Timmel SWAP every year, but have never entered the contest myself. For one thing I never knew when it started so I was pretty excited when I stumbled on to a blog post saying that the rules for the 2008 SWAP contest where up! You can read them here: SWAP 2008 Rules.

For anyone that is not familar with what a SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) is here, is a brief description or you can read more here:

"Here is the formula: Stage One - make 11 garments. These are: 2 pairs of pants; 2 skirts, one in a solid colour, one in a print or check; 2 simple tops, one solid, one in the above print; 4 tops, in colours which coordinate with the solids; 1 simple cardigan jacket in a solid color."

Julie at Timmel has used this concept of a SWAP & made a contest out of it. You have to put together a wardrobe of atleast 11 garments. You can use one piece that you purchased and or one that you knitted, crocheted or wove. You must also use a print, plaid, check or stripe for one of your items.

Here are the basic 11 garments as they apply to the Timmel contest:

"This consists of 11 garments, 4 bottoms (skirts and/or pants), 6 tops (2 should be more like blouses than just tees), and 1 jacket that will work with all the tops and bottoms. This gives you a total of 48 possible combinations. However, you can substitute a dress or dresses for two of the tops if you wish. Therefore, your SWAP can be 1 jacket, 4 bottoms, 4 tops, 2 dresses or it can be 1 jacket, 4 bottoms, 5 tops and 1 dress. The jacket must work with all combinations.
In the case of a jumper, this would count as a "bottom" item, in that it must work with all the tops and it must also be able to be worn with the jacket. A vest is counted as a jacket since it is usually worn over a top. If it can be worn solo, count it as a top."

Every year Timmel also throughs in a twist to make each years contest different from the previous years. The 2008 twist is that you must use a combination/wardrobe pattern. Here is how Julie explains it:

"2008 Twist – Three garments must be made from one "wardrobe" pattern.
You must make three uniquely different garments from that pattern; making one type of garment three times will not qualify.
These patterns are available from all the major pattern companies and they usually include a jacket, dress and/or skirt, pants, blouse or top. For our purposes, any pattern with at least three different garments that work together will be counted as a "wardrobe" pattern.

The patterns labelled "wardrobe patterns" often have 4 or 5 garments in them; but as long as the pattern has three different garments, it will qualify. The purpose of this year's rule is to encourage making the best use of a pattern; in other words, work it for what it is worth. The other 8 garments can come from any other pattern or patterns or be self-drafted."

Now with all that said I have been reading about the posts about the SWAP on Stitcher's Guild There is a thread just for the 2008 SWAP & getting more inspired & excited. Now I am thinking that I want to join!

When I first read about having to use a wardrobe pattern Simplicity 4097 popped into my mind.

Here is the line drawing for the pattern.

The problem that I am running into is figuring out what fabrics in my stash to use that meet all the reqquirements & would allow all the tops to match all the bottom fabrics. I am torn at the moment between using brown or grey as my base color. I have a bunch of each.

Then I got a crazy idea this morning as I was laying awake at 5:30 am thinking about my SWAP. I could do a Victorian wardrobe instead of a modern on!!!! Hmmmmmm!!!! The problem with that would be coming up with the wardrobe pattern & having enough fabric for all the pieces that would need to match but it would be totally different.......


Raesha D said...

OH wow - what a fabulous SWAP. I can't wait to see if you do it:):) We were out in your neck of the woods on Monday at the McCall's Pumpkin Patch. I hope this fall or winter we can get together!!! How are you liking it here?

Chara Michele said...

That sounds really interesting! I like your idea of using that Simplicity pattern with a grey base. (I seem to be loving the color grey this year...) Although the victorian wardrobe idea sounds fascinating too!

I can't wait to see if you do this:)

Sharon said...

A Victoria wardrobe instead of mondern - that would be really wonderful to see! I've been seriously thinking about trying the SWAP this year also.

Lucy said...

You are adventurous!!! I know you can do it--let me know when they have a Pillow Swap--that's more along my skills ;)