Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Bloging "In Crowd"

I have been totally sucked into this whole blog thing. Not that I write that much in my own but I am completely addicted to reading everyone else’s! I only had a couple, mostly sewing related ones, that I was reading only a short time ago & then BAM! I would find where some referenced another blog, then another then another! I must have 20 or more saved to my favorites now. They are so entertaining & inspiring with everyone one sharing their stories & little projects that they are working on. I read them & then I am a little sad because it is like they all know one another. They are always talking about swaps that they are in, or the little package of goodies that they send or received from one of their “blog” friends. It’s almost like being the class geek looks across the cafeteria at the cool kid table trying to figure out how you can break into the “in crowd”. For example here are some of the blogs that I have taken to reading & you can see that many of them know each other.

Color Fool
Pink Trees
Lucky Beans
Bella Dia
Suburban Bliss
Simple Sparrow

That is not to say that I haven’t found wonderful friends through the glory that is the internet. In that area I have been blessed to find Gina, who shares my obsession for shooting & costuming, & Judy, who I bombard with regular clothes sewing questions and share gossip from the PR sewing soap opera, but how do you break into the Blog cliques I do not know.

I guess for now I will just plug away at my own wimpy blog that I am not sure anyone even reads & share my newest finds with the black hole that is cyber space.

Speaking of finds! How cute are these??? If only I could read Japanese!

But I think that I nearly have the little crocheted & patchwork bags figured out thanks to this thread on craftster.org.

This one will take some doing but I think that if I had enough time I could manage to make this one as well.


Angela said...

Hello there! Well, there is no in-crowd in my little circle. We just have been reading and commenting on each other's blogs almost daily for many months now. It's almost like a part-time job some days-blogging, commenting, emailing etc. But it's all good. Thanks for linking to me too. 8-)
be well

MéLisa said...

Hi Angela!
Thanks for the comment! I think I must have had something set up wrong because now all of a sudden I am able to get comments! I guess I am a blogging spaz! It just seems that everyone knows everyone else on the blogs & I was feeling like a wallflower. I love looking at your blog you find the best thrift stuff! Those goose prints are so neat!

autum said...

Hi! I have felt like you too but Angela's right. It is just a process of getting to know each other. I don't know about other people but when someone leaves me a comment for the first time I go visit their blog. Like now, I found you because you commented on my blog. Sort of a "hi, nice to meet you!" See there, now we're on our way to being blogging friends.
I couldn't see your pictures. I don't know if it's my computer or the way they were uploaded. ??

Emy said...

Hi. I don't think I will ever be in the "in crowd" of blogging. Kind of like the cool kid who's too cool for the cool crowd. ;) Yeah, that's me!
I just leave comments on blogs I like and sometimes they leave comments back.

Blogs are so inspiring. I think I read close to 50 on a regular basis. There are so many great ones out there.

Thanks for the tip about the Cabo halter. I can't wait to make it!