Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pictures are you there?

This blogging thing has a definite learning curve. I finally got the comment section to work, then figured out that if I actually leave comments on other peoples blogs with my blog addy that they will leave me comments (well duh I know but it’s like learning a new culture or something!). I kept fighting with my blog to post pictures & I finally thought that I got that right, but now Autum says that she can’t see them, but I can!

Are they just red “X” for everyone else too, or are there actual pictures there?


Angela said...

Yep, go comment crazy on the blogs you like. You'll make connections will some people that way and it's the only way people will know you're out here! 8-)
I can't see any photos on your blog this time, but I could the last time I visited. ?

MéLisa said...

I think that there might be something going on with Blogger today because I had a hard time even posting that earlier.

Are you feeling the the positive waves coming your way, Baby? (if you haven’t seen Kelly’s Heroes, that is a Telly Savalas reference)