Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thrifty finds!

Before heading home from my short day of work last Friday I stopped by Goodwill. It turned out to be a good choice! I found several “vintage” sewing patterns. I doubt that I will keep most of them as they are for little girl’s dresses, but I thought that they were neat & I would be able to finds a good home for them on Ebay once I make sure they aren’t missing any pieces. Then since we were at Brush Creek Antiques Joyce & I made another turn around the shop “just incase” they had something new.

Between Goodwill & Brush Creek I ended up with some great little treasures. I found a curtain & valance in a vintage pink & grey flower print, a length of fabric with a cute bright floral print, a funny little oval cup thing (might have been a cigarette cup back when such things were expectable.) and a couple vintage hankies that I have plans of turning into some cute purses. (They are in my head anyway).


Anonymous said...

I just love antique and thrift shops!! They so totally rock!! Awesome finds. I can't wait to see the purses you'll make from the hankies!!


Anonymous said...

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