Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thrift & the birthday gift

Here are my thrifty finds for last weekend. MIL Joyce & I spent John’s birthday (Hey don’t look at me like that! He was at a shoot with the guys & that was what he wanted to do it’s not like we abandon him!) down in Schoolcraft at 2 antique stores. That’s right it took us the better part of a day to get through 2 antique stores! If you are ever passing though the south west corner to Michigan and have a day to kill, I highly recommend going to Schoolcraft. It is a tiny town & from the looks of them you would not have thought that these two stores have much going on. Oh my gosh! They are packed full & the one is huge!

The first one we went to was pack to full & had a basement to look through. I don’t usually like those stores that are so full that you have to me careful not to create a landslide when you want to look at something, but this one was fairly organized & there was so much to look at. Some things were a little pricy for me, but I did find an embroidered towel, some neat buttons & a bunch of vintage patterns. Most of which I will probably sell, but the price was right (3 for a $1!).

Then the next one was just huge! Over 9000 sq ft! The down stairs is all more expensive china & such, but up stairs (which spans 4 store fronts!) there is about anything that you would want. The prices where actually pretty good, I got the two Blue Ridge saucers for a $1 each, pillow case for $.50, 2 napkins for $1.25. Not too bad. We will defiantly be going back there.

Ok now on to the previously discussed birthday gift. I found the fabric & have it mostly cut out.

I think that it is cute & I am sure that much like everything else I give her it will never be used (case in point she still has the crockpot that belonged to my mom & dad got as a wedding gift, so it is over 33 years old, I bought her a new one that the inside comes out of a couple years ago, never seen her use it. She still uses the old one & I haven’t even seen the other one around. Oh well, that was $30 well spent). So on to the bag. I am going to use the navy print for the outside pocket & lining, yellow gingham for the outside, bird houses for the inside organizer, & green gingham for the inside pocket. I haven’t actually started sewing it yet. I’ll up date you when I do.


Angela said...

Neat finds! The shops sound like fun too.
Good luck on the gift sewing, looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cool finds!! I want to go with you next time!!!