Monday, July 10, 2006

When did birthdays lose their magic?

So Sunday I celebrated my 3rd 29th birthday in a row. Yup I officially stopped aging 2 summers ago at 29. We have been so stressed with our house vs. “The Man” situation (I would need a week to explain it all & you would be shocked if I did. Let me just say that buyer beware! Even if a house is 16 years old & listed by a nationally known realtor that doesn’t mean that it was built legally or that the Township you live in won’t wait till 2 years after you bought to come after you as if you were the ones that built it! Then you better hope that you live in some state where the attorney’s are willing to help you, hint hint that place does not seem to be SW MI). That said it was not the best birthday. John is stressed; I am stressed soooo….. we didn’t have anything planned which always depresses me because I hope every year that someone will have some big wonderful surprise for me & then stupid me I am disappointed when they don’t. You would think that after 31 year, er I mean 29 years, I would know better!!! Not to say that all my birthdays have always been horrid I fondly remember my 13th & 16th birthdays as being really good, but a pretty dry spell since then.

So we were kind of blah in the morning. John finished up running the new phone line for the computer (I no longer have phone cord stretched ½ across the house & running under the throw rugs) which I am grateful for but not really how I thought I would spend the first ½ of the day. Now don’t ask me how I thought I would as I have no idea but that was not it. We did go out to a nice lunch; the weather was beautiful so we sat outside. That was very nice. Then we went to a couple antique stores. I love looking at other people’s old “stuff”. I found a couple great treasures! MIL Joyce had given me some birthday $ & I put it to good use!

Here is what I got:

2 dark yellow Fiesta ware saucers ($1.50 each). They are old ones. The Pyrex box is from Joyce. I was telling her that I have 2 without lids & to keep her eye out for just lids. She snuck back & bought the whole thing for me. I don’t know why but I just love them!

A box Blue Ridge Pottery for (drum role) $15.00! It contained a sugar bowl w/ lid, creamer, platter, salt & pepper shakers, gravy boat, 5 dinner plates, 6 cake/bread plates & 6 saucers. You will notice that the salt shaker is missing from the pictures. Well when I was unwrapping everything last night I realized that the salt shaker was missing. It was too late to call the store & they are closed today but I have my fingers crossed that it was left on the counter & that they will have it.

Then Joyce also gave me a cream & sugar set shaped like chickens. We have this chicken thing going on. I have a chicken themed bathroom & the chicken stuff is supposed to be contained to there but it is starting to over flow to the rest of the house, much to John’s chagrin. We have entirely too much “chauch” he says & he is probably right.

So not a terrible birthday, but I was very disappointed when we went to the store to got dinner. Joyce said that she would either take me out or we could pick up whatever I wanted. My favorite thing is snow crab legs. Well true to the way things have been going they were out of them at the seafood counter. They did however have them in the frozen fish stick section, frozen in a box. I am sure that at some point the seafood counter crab legs are also frozen but I was not willing to take a chance on these fish stick neighbors for the price that they wanted for them. So for my 3rd 29th birthday dinner we had grilled turkey dogs, sweet corn & tator tots. I know that is a lot of starch but my birthday is only once a year! We were going to have root beer floats for dessert but no body stayed awake long enough! Oh well maybe tonight.


Anonymous said...

I know this is late, but Happy Birthday to you!!! I think when we are children Birthdays are full of wonder and magic!! Then as we get older we get too much responsibility and stress!!! We just need to be kids again!! Next year you need to go to Chucky Cheese and pretend to be a kid again!! Maybe I'll join you!!

Gina (Sweet Violet)

Anonymous said...

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