Monday, July 10, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

Ugh it is Monday again. Where does the weekend go?

MIL Joyce arrived Fri nigh from FL. She actually managed to get here without incident. This is her 4th time visiting since we moved to MI & has had a major problem of some kind or another with her flight every time! We thought that might also be the case this time when she called at 4:50pm to tell us that her flight that was supposed to leave at 4:45pm hadn’t even arrived at the gate yet! Not a big deal if you don’t have a connecting flight to catch or if you are flying into an airport that has more than like 10 flights leaving daily. We have both of these issues to contend with. If you haven’t ever had the pleasure of visiting the lovely Kalamazoo International Airport (international because I think that they have 1 flight that goes to Canada weekly) I have to tell you that we have one jet way & I believe that was add in the last 10 years or so. Yeah now you can understand the dilemma, but she made it without any more problems.

Saturday Joyce & I made one of those fabric covered bulletin boards with the criss crossing ribbons/ric rac (something like this). Only I used what I had on hand with exception of the ric rac & fabric (off the $1.00 table at Wally World). I am going to hang it above my sewing table once I can actually get at it. The sewing table is in Joyce’s room. Before she got here we moved the computer desk out & I had to remove about a ton of fabric from the bed for her to have a place to sleep. So my sewing table is buried in piles of I am not sure what. As soon as I can get to it & clean it off I will get the board hung & get a picture. It came out pretty cute.

Sat afternoon we went to our friend’s parent’s 50th Wedding anniversary. That was pretty fun, good food & family gossip (& it’s not your own family so bonus!). A couple weeks ago when talking to the bride of honor she told me that she would making the cake for her own party because 1) she enjoys it & 2) people would complain if she didn’t. Well when she said “the cake” that apparently means 6 cakes of assorted kinds of bakery quality in SW Michigander speak!!!! The carrot cake was wonderful!


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Anonymous said...

Oh yes!! Your cute bulletin board! I hope you post a picture of the completed project or at least e-mail me a pic!! I'm glad you had fun at the party!!!