Friday, July 07, 2006

Goodness I am glad that I am not paying for this Blog because I certainly haven’t written enough since having to make it worth spending $.

I am very excited though because I have found several new blogs this week & I have figured out how to add a “links” section to my blog! Yippy! Now if I am able to post this & have all my links work I will really be over the moon!

We have been pretty busy. Where shall I start…..

I was asked last fall, by Pepper Box Pete, if I would be interested in participating in a CAS shooting demo for a kid’s camp, for 10-15 year olds. They have been doing for a few years but hadn’t had a woman participate & since the camp is for both boys & girls they thought it might be nice. We had the first one on June 12th. The camp is held at
Willow Lakes Sportsman’s Club through the Safari Club International. It was a lot of fun & they have a beautiful facility there in Three Rivers.

This past weekend we shoot at West Walker in the 2 day Michigan State Black Powder Championship Smoke on the Rangeput on by Two Rig a Tony. We had a blast! We weren’t able to shoot black powder but maybe next year. We met some great shoots that we don’t get to shoot with often as they often shoot at Hidden Valley, like Lucky Lenny, Cactus Kay & Dakota Doc. We were also lucky enough to have to have some of our posse regular to shoot with, Cayuse Jack, Dakota Fats, Jorge Guapo, & Bent Leg Jimmy. I made a shirt that Tony gave away as a door prize. I have a couple pictures of the lucky winner I will have to see about posting them. I also pasted out a few cards. We’ll see if I get some business.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love the show The Office. I don’t know what it is about that show but it just cracks me up! Maybe it’s because I can recognize many of the characters in the many office co-workers that I have had through out the years. Anyhooo I think that it is very cool that several of the actors have their own pages on My Space. One that I particularly enjoy reading her blogs is Jenna that plays Pam. She wrote a very generous in my opinion anyway account of what it is like to become an actor in LA & gave some great advice to all the hopefuls out there.

So in other news we spent Sat & Sun shooting. Then Mon. cleaning & trying to make room for my MIL Joyce to have a place to sleep when she gets here tonight! We moved our monstrous computer desk out into the living room. I have many hopes for this new arrangement.

First I hope that having it nearer the door will prevent bills & all the other mail from piling up on the dinning room table.

Second that it will be easier for me to use the computer at night & I will be more apt to post & return e-mails at home then at work. Not that it matters but often times I have pictures that I want to post/e-mail & I don’t have them with me at work. So that means that I have to burn them to a disk & bring them to work.

Third that it will free up more room for my sewing “stuff” in the guest/sewing room. I did move a small dresser from our room in there to give our room a little more space, but it doesn’t take up nearly as much room as that desk did. Joyce is great at arranging furniture so I hope that she will help me come up with a great arrangement while she is here.

And I think that concludes this blog. What you don't think that I wrote enough? Yeah right! I doubt that would ever be complaint about me. Just ask, Gina, Chris, Judi & Jason they would agree that this is not an issue that I have!

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