Friday, December 08, 2006

Nothing says Merry Christmas like…….

13” of snow!

Well yes that would do it too but how about tomorrow is your last day of work 16 days before Christmas! Yeah! No not me but John was told yesterday that they have no more work & that today will be his last day of work. OK. Um could you maybe have said a month ago, Um John you know things are really slow & I don’t have any worked lined up beyond the next three weeks, so maybe you might want to be looking for something else. Oh well such is life in the #1 in the country for unemployment state. Where’s Capello? I believe that only she can fully express my feelings for the state of MI at this moment, as she spent the weekend from hell here earlier this fall. Words cannot fully express my feelings for this Godforsaken state at this time. Nothing good has come from moving here. (Other than meeting you Judi). Seeing as on Dec. 21, 2005 was when all our house problems started, I don’t think that I want to have to spend Christmas 2007 here! That is my goal for 2007 to get the hell out of here! (pssst Gina you are not allowed to go away again, see what happens when you are gone?)

Also to add to our ridiculous situation, we have taken in a stray dog that showed up at our house last weekend. I have nicknamed her Noel & am looking for her owners or a new home. She is incredibly sweet & so good, but now that I am soon to be married to a K-Fed* wanna be I think it best that she go to someone who can properly afford her.

The good thing about John’s recent loss of employment is that all those little jobs around the house can now get done. Well all the ones that done require spending any more mullah that is. So the utility closet should be put back together by the end of the weekend.

So I guess that my dreams of a Christmas iPod are out the window. Oh well I wasn’t meant to be that hip anyway. Ok so now I am on my way over to Capello’s for my daily does of freaky Lego Advent Calendar, then to LLA’s to look at her cute bead tree again, then I think that I will see what pretty things Stacy, Beki, Fiona, Heather & Bekka have been up to. Thank God for the internet & all it's prettiness to distract us!

* by the way when I told John that, I then had to explain who K-Fed was. The joke kind of lost something after that.


capello said...

okay, here's the plan: YOU ARE TOTALLY MOVING TO KANSAS. in fact, YOU ARE MOVING NEXT DOOR TO ME. oh yes, my neighbor's house is for sale and it is the cutest little house ever! (little, yes: two bedrooms, one bath and a cute little three-window'd room perfect for a small office or reading nook. kitchen completely redone, fireplace, hardwood floors, two car garage, full unfinished basement and 1/4 acre lot and YOU'D BE MY NEIGHBOR).

because seriously? you need to get the hell out of michigan.

LLA said...

I think I've got to second Capello there - I may not be sure exactly where your cheese is - but I am pretty sure it ain't Michigan...

Your snow is impressive, and Noel is a beauty - but it sounds like those two things are the only fun things Michigan has for you... and the snow will melt, and the dog can go with you.

Seriously, though, Noel is a beauty - look at those eyes!