Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yahoo! One down!

And about a bazillion more to go on yea old Christmas gifts to make list!

I am, however, really excited about how this turned out. This is a gift for John’s aunt & Godmother, Betty. Possibly the most giving woman I have even met. She is constantly sending us things. But I digress.

I bought this fabric last year with her in mind because it is so her but the perfect pattern/project never came to me. Then in Nov. Indygo Junction came out with their Nouveau Hobo Bag pattern. Perfect I thought, but darn I don’t want to spend the $ on that pattern. After talking with Judi, I was emboldened to draft my own pattern. Thank you Judi! Here is what I can up with…….

I changed a couple things. Like the strap I made my ends rounded instead of pointed. I like the look better. The buttons are purely decorative. I am not sure about on the original.

I added a zipper pocket(not shown)& a patch pocket to the interior.

Also check out my label! Thank to that Artsy Crafty Babe, Beki. I was able to print off my own at home. I am very excited about this. I am not so sure that I am totally thrilled with this design for the label, but the idea is really cool!

Of course you need to have matching accessories for such a fab bag right? Here we have a tissue holder & change purse. Fun stuff!

Now I need to make one for my MIL. I have a really cute patchwork bag planned for my mom & all the other things one my list. Ugh! I will start earlier next year. Yeah I know I say that every year!


stacy said...

I love that bag! The fabric really makes it too. She's going to love it!

capello said...

pretty bag!

times like these is when i wish i had a cloning machine. sigh.

LLA said...

This is so amazing - and you drafted your own pattern, too??? I bow down before you....

babybug said...

great bag! awesome that you did it without a pattern!

beki said...

That looks great! Good luck finishing up your list.