Sunday, December 17, 2006

Quilts for the Kim’s

I popped on to one of my favorite Blogs this morning, Artsy Crafty Babe & found a post that I felt I must pass on. Beki was passing on information about a quilt that a couple of ladies Patricia & Shanna are putting together for the Kim’s daughters. Check out the Dec 12th post to sign up.

We like the rest of the country prayed that the family would be found alive & safe. Then when Kati & the girls were found, prayed they James would also be found alive even with the odds so against it. I honestly wept when we watched the news report. All I could think was the picture of those sweet little girls that would now have to grow up without their father. It just broke my heart!

Then I read more about the Kim’s on different blog & learned that Kati is a crafty lady too & I believe that she owns a shop. So to me, she could be any one of the crafty ladies that I have met here in Blog land. In fact it could have been completely possible that at some point Kati & I could have been reading the same blogs. It would even be conceivable that we may have “met” one day just the way I have met the other ladies that I now would consider my friends.

So for all those reason I pass along the information about the quilts in the hopes that maybe one of your will want to participate or pass it along to someone else who will. It sounds like the sign up has been slow & I would hate for this idea to hit a wall before it is even able to get going.

Now with any luck I might be able to post the button for the link.

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Shanna said...

thank you for posting about it! patricia and i really appreciate you wanting to help!