Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What to or not to wear?

Ok so to add to the madness that is our life of late, we got an invitation over the weekend to my boss’s daughters wedding on Feb 17th! I totally did not expect this & of course have nothing to wear. So because I am so easily distracted instead of working on my huge Christmas to do list I spent about a ½ hour contemplating what I might be able to whip up for the event. I am guessing that when the invitation says “Black Tie Optional” that it is going to be fairly fancy, right? I didn’t have a fancy wedding so I am kind of clueless as to what to wear, at least when it comes to the freezing north in Feb! My cousin got married last Feb (not this fancy) I made my outfit & HATED it. The actual outfit did not end up any where near the picture in my mind. I wore it but was not happy with it. John said it looked like those matchy matchy jogging suits that old ladies wear to mall walk. Thanks dear!

Anyhooo I am trying to figure out what I can A) make from the stash or B) only maybe have to purchase fabric for a top of some kind. The reception is being held at the Kalamazoo Art Institute.

So I was thinking oh cool it’s at an arty place so I can go with something a little artsy, a little different? But not this different mind you. A little more elegant a little less fiber.

In my quick search of the available patterns from the stash I found not much.
At first glance these couple caught my eye, but I don’t know……

Than I thought I would check out the pattern sites to see what they have, thinking that maybe I would get inspired.

I found this : Simplicity 4885

I really like the black & white checked skirt suit with the ribbon on the jacket or the same jacket with the satin pants. I, of course do not own this pattern. I do however own the following ones:

Simp 4698 - Jacket

Simp 4273 – Top (I don’t care for the skinny straps on the other one) & the pants if I go with that.

Or maybe a top like this, minus the beads I think, I like the lace but no those skinny straps again.

Simp 4882 or 5914 – Skirts

I was thinking that I could do the pants in a black satin backed crepe, satin side out, that I already have. Then what to do about the jacket & top……
Although that is not very differnt or artsy I guess.

Is black ok to wear to a wedding?

Should I go with something else completely? I don’t know!

I hate weddings in Feb in Michigan! Warmer weather is so much better to dress for as far as weddings go!


Ok I had to add this. I love this outfit! It's from the upcoming Burda WOF Jan '07. I don't think that it is wedding appropriate, but maybe those pants? They are different & with the right fabric might be pretty elegant, but kind of top?


stacy said...

OOOh, I love those new Burda WOF outfits - especially the lace top. Actually when I saw those, I was wishing that we had a 'fancy' Christmas or New Years party to go to. This year, we're heading out to a hockey game for Bret's office party. I think I might be overdressed if I wore these outfits!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I'm going to be pretty much worthless at helping here. I am quite "fashion challenged."

However, I *can* assure that it is perfectly OK to wear black to a wedding. Also, what time of day is the wedding? If it is 6 or after - and it should be if the words "Black Tie" (optional or no) are mentioned on the invite - then it's going to be prettty fancy.

- leaving this "anonymously" because for some reason Blogger is insisting that I log in to leave this comment (even though I just left a comment on the previous post with no problem) and then is acting like it doesn't know me. Peh. LLA

Anonymous said...

Geeze, I wish I had some advice. I haven't a clue as to what should be worn to a fancy wedding in Michigan in Feb. Good luck. And I'm wih LLA, you sure can wear black to a wedding. I plan on wearing a black jersey wrap dress to a wedding in Jan.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but I tried sending you a comment yesterday, but for some reason it didn't go thru. So I am going to try again.

You can definately wear black to a wedding. But since you are going to a "black tie optional" wedding at the art institute and it is for your boss' daughter. It is going to be pretty formal and I just don't think those jackets, suits and pants are going to cut it. They just look too business-y and not dressed up enough for what you are describing. I think that first vogue dress you had would be stunning, but instead of the tiers on the skirt adjust it so that it is a straight satin (satin back crepe) and leave the fluff up top. What an original and fantastic outfit that would be. The simple long black dress pictured further down would be another option that would be quite nice.

Those are just my thoughts. I see from your new post that you are already thinking in another direction. You know your boss and the feel of the day better than I, but from what you described, a dress seems to be what you should wear. Good Luck!