Sunday, December 31, 2006

Starting Fresh in the New Year!

Hmmm so it is that time of year when thoughts turn to making a fresh start for the new year. As we are still dealing with all the left over house crap from 2005 it’s not a complete fresh start, but for some reason I feel ok with that. We have come to terms with the fact that we must get through this & then we can move on. We still are unsure of where exactly “moving on” will take us, but I think that we are both ok with that, which is new for me. I like a bit more direction normally, but as I don’t have much, sorry any control in this situation. I am letting the cards fall where they may.

So I thought that I would actually make a list this year of if not resolutions at least things that I want to accomplish for 2007.

Sewing & Crafting:

~ Do more sewing for $. I already have a couple orders for the Spring shooting season but will work on getting more & finally get some thing in my Etsy shop.

~ Use up as much of my stash as possible & quit being afraid to use it. Come Jan 1 2007 I will not buy any more fabric unless I must have it to finish a project that I already have all the other stuff in the stash to make.(or unless it is for a customer)

~ Make purge the stash of fabric, patterns, magazines, books, papers, stamps, etc sewing & craft supplies.

~ Sew more shooting clothes for John. I have a couple things I have on the mental list already, 2 vests (one cotton & one faux leather), flannel shield shirt, a couple cotton shirts & at least one pair of saddle pants.

~ Sew more shooting clothes for me. On my mental list: embroidered carriage coat, purple & navy 1890’s dress. Olive split skirt outfit, faux leather split skirt outfit, multiple shirts, Mardi Gras inspired Can Can outfit. Finish: navy split skirt, burgundy flannel dress & the shawl I have been crocheting for 1 ½ years.

~ Make all the gifts possible for family & friends birthdays.

~ Keep track of any $ spent on sewing & crafting. I am stealing this from Beki’s list for 2006. I am just curious & it might help keep in me in check.

~ Cut back on swapping. I love it but need to keep it to a manageable level. I would also like to do some personal swap. Fiona & I have talked about it but time got away from us.

~ Make more jewelry & use my kiln for PMC creations.


~Make a menu & stick to it. I hate the grocery store. I want to limit my trips & stop buying all those little impulse items.

~ Throw out less from my fridge. We end up with soooo many fuzzy little UFOs in there.

~ Try one new recipe a week from my collection of cookbooks.

~ Purge the house “stuff”

~ Work harder to keep the kitchen table from being the dumping ground for mail, paperwork, stuff, stuff, stuff…..

~ Try to get my house work done during the week to leave my weekends free for more fun stuff.


~ Keep in touch better with my friends & extended family.

~ Take more walks with Puppy Dog.

~ Eat better.

~ Get less up set by my co-workers & MI family. My MIL is always saying I need a thicker skin. I am going to work on this.

~ Improve my shooting & shoot more.

~Save more.


Raesha D said...

These are great goals - I need to get working on mine:):)startrek

lori brofsky said...

Hey MeLisa, I just wanted to wish you a happy new year. I love your list for 2007. I could probably cut and paste more than half of it to match my own list. I like the fuzzy ufo's in the fridge. Mine but be from the same planet as yours. If you're at all interested in a personal swap for 2007, please let me know. I'd love to swap with you-

beki said...

Good luck with your list! All the best to you in 2007!!

moki said...

wow! That's a great list!

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy New Year! Such an ambitious list! I found a cookbook I really love, and that has significantly improved the UFO situation in the fridge over here.

bekka said...

yay for you. resultions... i need to make some, formulate them, you know? they're in my head all quiet like and unresolved, unexplored. but your list was inspiring, thanks!

Buttercup said...

That's a HUGE list! I wish you luck with all of your resolutions. In addition to the ones I wrote about today, I would also like to learn how to knit more things other than scarves. I'm so impressed by people like you who can create actual clothing!