Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yes I still sew!

Ok I finally have something sewing related to show. It has been finished for weeks but I have been having home computer problems. Then I had to figure out how to use my work computer to up load the pictures. I got all that worked out now, I think anyway. You know me the big techie I am.

You may remember these fab buttons that my mom & I found when she was up visiting.

I put them to good use on my wearable muslin for my Garbo Cardigan. I didn’t think that the fabric would do well with that large of button holes. So I took a page out of the Oct Burda WOF magazine & used extra large snaps on the inside & the buttons on the outside just for eye candy. I think that the next time make it I will use larger seam allowances because it could be just a tad slimmer on the sides, but for the most part I am pretty happy with it.

So now without further ado my new cardigan!*

* ALso if you look closely you can see the new do, not looking too spiffy as it was raining that day & my collection of Cowboy Snowmen. Yes our Old West obsession knows no bounds.

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stacy said...

I love the new cardigan! And those buttons are beautiful - I love the top set the best!