Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wedding outfit Part 1

Ok I think that I have the wedding outfit kind of worked out! (Thank you LLA, Beki & Stacy).

I am going to make the top first & then see how that looks with some different style of pants & go from there. I actually dug out the fabric that I had in mind last night to see how it would look together. I think that I like it, in theory anyway. You have to kind of use your imagination of the picture of the fabric on the dress form* but you can get the idea. At first I was thinking of the lace on the bottom, but then if I have a black jacket the white on the top will stand out more.

So this morning I was trying to think of what to wear tomorrow for our work Christmas lunch. I remembered that I had made a pair of pants to test the pattern for the wedding outfit from Hell. (I will have to get a picture of it so you can see). I really liked the pants, but never got around to hemming the test pair so that I can actually wear them. I was thinking maybe I could hem them for tomorrow. Then I I had my “Ah HA!” moment! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I could use that pants pattern for my “new” wedding outfit. I know that I already like the pants, the pattern is already traced & is a good fit! The other cool thing is that I will be able to try the top on with the already made pants first to get a feel for how they will look together! Bonus!

So here are the pants that I am thinking of. They are from the 11/2005 Burda WOF the Marlene Dietrich Trousers. There is even a review of them on Pattern Review!

So now I am thinking that I will need to go with a jacket with a lower front opening to show off the pretty front of the tank. I am sure that I must have something in the pattern stash. If only the sewing came as quick & easy as coming up with what to sew does!

Also ignore the mess, after all it is 1 ½ weeks before Christmas & my sewing area is a hazard area!


deedeenet said...

thank you for visiting my blog. I love that you can sew, I soooo wish I could!

I also like to blogger surf, I've seen things from all over the world by doing this!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo - I think that both looks and sounds great!

Just look at how pretty the top looks already - just draped on the dress form!