Friday, January 19, 2007

I am sick of being sick......

So as I spent most of yesterday on the couch. It was kind of nice to just rest & I was able to spend sometime contemplating the outfit I need to make for my bosses’ daughter’s wedding next month. I am now thinking that instead of that top & pants that I should go with a dress. I have a feeling that it is going to be pretty fancy & even though I would rather war pants I might feel underdressed. I’ll just have to pray that we don’t get a blizzard that week.

So my new idea is this: I really like the idea of the lace top on the top with the black bottom & the purple ribbon at the empire waist. I was looking through the ribbon stash other day & came across some purple beaded ribbon that would be perfect on top of the velvet ribbon. It is smaller & the velvet would peak out from the sides.

As I was flipping though the pattern stash yesterday in my sickness fog I found New Look 6040. I was thinking either D or B. I think that I have enough of the black pin stripe for the skirt & then solid black for the top with the lace over top. My concern is that they have you cut the skirt on the bias unless you are making D with a boarder print. Then you cut it across the grain. I don’t have enough of the pin stripe to do it on the bias. I could use a solid black for the skirt that I already have. Here is the pattern that I am thinking of for the dress:

I was trying to decide what kind of wrap/jacket I could make. Then I remembered that I have a stretch velvet duster coat thing. I bought it for a Christmas party years ago. it’s kind of like this to give an idea:

Well only I think mine has a collar, 3-4 buttons at the top & is more fitted, but other than all that exactly like that one. Geez!

My concern is that would the skirt be ok if I cut it on the straight grain instead of the bias? Seeing as they don’t cut view D that way when using the boarder print I am not sure.

I can’t decide on sleeveless or ¾ sleeves either. I was thinking that if I did the sleeves I might not line them, but that might look funny. Any thoughts?

Maybe lings will be clearer once my head empties out from this cold.

Also I might add that our power outage earlier in the week apparently fried our modem at home. So I do not get back to any one who e-mailed until next week you know why.

Have a great weekend all!


Heidi said...

If you did it sleeveless, you'd still have your arms covered by the duster so they won't get cold, right? Might be less work and then you could wear it in the summer too.

Hope you feel better soon!

capello said...

yea, i don't know. but i like the pictures of the samples, they look pretty!

(i sound like a five year old! "so pretty!")

LLA said...

I liked your original idea of what to make - but either dress might fit the ticket as well. It would be a dressier look for sure...

I started to opt for B b/c of the sleeves (February's cold!) - but if you're going to make the duster (so neat!) too - then the sleeveless dress might get more wear in the long run...

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't think you could go wrong with any of your choices...

feel better!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the pinned stiped skirt with the lace top and your jacket over the top.
If it is chilly, do you have what we call spencers? Lightweight underwear, long sleeved singlet.
This will keep you a bit warmer.
Can't wait to see.
Hope you feel better soon.
Have you tried vitamin C or Echinacea (from health food shop)
Helps with colds and sore throats