Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snow Snow Snow!

Well winter has finally come to SW MI. We have gotten about 12” of snow in the last 24 hours & it is still coming down. Although it is not coming down in the huge fluffy flakes that it was last night so I don’t think that we will be getting a ton more today. Then again our weather tends to change on a dime.

To give you some idea of what we are dealing with here are some pictures. It is very pretty.

Puppy Dog loves the snow. For her it’s like a huge pop cycle I have to be careful that she doesn’t eat too much of it, but she is so funny to watch.

See here in the country we don’t bother with snow shovels, we just plow the front walk with the four-wheeler. Are we Hill Jacks or what?

I have a feeling that we will not be making church this week. We have an 800-foot long driveway that needs to be plowed. Also our friends that live next door are just as far off the road & John usually plows for them as well. For the drive he gets out the tractor.

Here is the a view of the yard from the front door:

This one if from my kitchen window looking toward the driveway:

On an un-snow related topic, yesterday was a good thrifting day! The Goddess of Thrift (because of course if there was such an entity watching over thrifting it would have to be a woman right?) must have been smiling on me. I had great luck finding items for Heidi for the Brown & Pink swap. Unfortunately as I know she pops in here I can’t share any pictures just yet, but I think that I did pretty good if I do say so myself!

I think that today will be spent at home, doing laundry & baking banana bread. Also I have my dress for the wedding nest month partially cut out & I hope that I will get that finished up as well. I didn’t get as much done on that yesterday as I had hoped because after the thrifting I had to finish cleaning up the sewing area that I had started on Fri. Now I feel much more like spending time in there without the fear of being buried alive by an avalanche of fabric patterns & trims. It feels good to have a tiddy area to work in again.

What's everyone else working on this winter weekend?


beki said...

Seeing these pictures make me so glad that I live in the south!
I hope you had a nice weekend ;-)

Heidi said...

The snow is so pretty, and I'm glad it's you and not me! LOL Actually, it did snow here on Saturday (6th weekend in a row, for the record) but it melted off later in the day.

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke! Or should I say snow??? Over here in the SE corner of the state, we got 1 - 2". On the other hand, I could of used a snow day today & stayed in bed! I worked on the fish-shaped cat house this weekend. Never sewed on foam before. As usual, you got some great finds thrifting too. I vote for the curtains to be turned into purses.


bekka said...

is a hill jack like a hill billy?