Friday, January 12, 2007

TGIF, a couple WIPs & Gratitude

First off Thank you for being Friday! Honestly it felt that this week would never end. I think that after you have 2 – 3day weeks in a row that they should be followed up with 2 – 4day weeks so that you can ease back into things. Goodness!


I actually have something that I am working on & have been for quite sometime. The first are the pockets of a split skirt that have been finished for months & months. They just want for the rest of their skirt to be cut out & sewed up. Well that & the front panel to be finished trimming & embroidered. See I have to tack the tan soutache on by hand then sew it down by machine. The little red dots are hand embroidered, so this maybe a WIP a while longer, but I thought if I posted it I might be more motivated to finish her up.

Here is what it will be like when finished. I haven’t even considered the vest yet, or maybe I should make a jacket instead…… hmmmm…

The second is a crocheted shawl that I have been working on for oh…..lets see …. 1 ½ - 2 years. It is also for me to wear for SASS events. I can get about a row or two down & then my hand gets worn out! The wider it gets the longer it seems to be taking, but I have been trying to work on it a bit each night at least. It’s a good in front of the boob tube project.

On with the gratitude….

I am always in awe when I read blogs that post a list every Friday, and then I am shamed that I don’t do the same. So for once I am actually on the ball. Shhh don’t tell anyone, cause then they will expect it all the time.

1) My husband ~ my little couch riding K-Fed wanna be that he is. Bless his little heart he actually did some work this week(at our house & other places to be unnamed), applied for the like 2 job listings in our entire tri county area that didn’t require a hair net & paper hat as part of the uniform (no offense, as these are good job for certain people, John is not one of them), he did some more leg work on “The House Problem” that might actually produce some results (but lets not get too carried away yet) & he has a job interview on Wed. Gotta love that man! Go Honey!

Just had to include a picture of my little studded muffin, also from out honeymoon. I forgot that I had so many good ones.

2) My Puppy Dog ~ There is nothing like the unconditional love of your dog. Even though she now thinks that John is the best thing since chopped liver since he is home all the time now. Hmph!

3) My mom ~ there has never been a woman that has more eternal optimism. God love her, she drives me up the wall when all I want to do is wallow in my own misery but she is my rock of radiant sunshine & glass half full.

4) For my friends ~ here, there & in blog land. They cook ya dinner, uplift, inspire, encourage, allow me to vent & help me to want to strive to better myself. For that I thank you.

5) And finally for the new minute glimmer of hope that has come to light with our house problem, could it be possible that there are politicians that actually give a damn about the people that got them to where they are. Could it be that there are still state officials that are out for the little guy & not just themselves? Can there possibly be a better ending than me going postal at the township hall? Well I wont’ get too carried away but a girl can hope. I’ll keep ya posted.

And now just cause it is so pretty & Bekka & I have been "talking" about it so much lately. Here is a picture that I took on our honeymoon at Elk Mountain Ranch in CO. Now you can see why I want that ranch in the mountains. After seeing it for real there is nothing like it!

Have a wonderful weekend all!


beki said...

Have a great weekend. And keep your chin up, good things HAVE to be coming your way soon.

capello said...

oh man, i haven't ever seen mountains like that in person before.

LLA said...

Wow - the detail work on your WIP is phenomenal. I honestly didn't know that a person could do something like that...

Have a great weekend - just hang loose and enjoy spending time with your husband and your dog ('cause they both sound kind of great!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melisa,

I love your blog page. Not even quite sure how I came across it, but it is amazing!

Sue and Tom
Elk Mountain