Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I might be an academic loser but…….

Look what I can make!

This is the purse that I made for my mom for Christmas. It’s kind of funny really because Mom is the quilter not me. She gave me several “Charm packs” when she was here this past fall (she sells them in her store) I love looking at them cause they are so pretty but thought oh man what am I going to make with these.

Well TaDa!

Here is a look inside:

A close up of the closure:

I used a vintage button & vintage lace my the o'l stash.

Now if that weren't cute enough I also made her this:

And the Back:

Close up of the print:

And the matching mini pot holders:

I found this way too cute vintage fabric at Goodwill of all places & jsut had to get it to make Mom something. It is so her. She loves vintage Christmas decor. I used the pleated apron pattern from Amy Butler's Stitches book for the basic pattern. I shortened it (Mom's only 4'10") & oliminated the bottom trim. I think that it turned out so cute. I can't wait for her to see it.

Now I only have MIL Joyce's bage to finish up, a little zipper bag that matches Mom's patchwork purse and I should be able to mail them out this week!



capello said...

so pretty. however, I WANT THAT ORANGE BUTTON.

(where do you get your awesome buttons?)

autum said...

Wow! Your mom is very lucky!!

LLA said...

Hey - anyone who can whip up such delightful creations is far from a loser (of any sort...) So, let's stop that line of thought right there, Missy!

That vintage Santa print is priceless - and what you've done with it is just indescribably delicious....

bekka said...

gorgeous bag! i love it. and the apron and potholders? Just darling. who'd ever want to actually use those and get them messed up?

i think you too the wrong test. you're nowhere close to being a loser. you're the lest of the loseryest!

Jackie said...

All of those are beautiful. I've been putting off getting amy's book. But you are pushing me in that direction. Great job!

jen said...

i have to agree anyone who can piece all those freekin' little 4 x 4 squares into that masterpiece certainly isn't a loser. more like a saint with the patience that had to take. sewing, pressing all those little tiny pieces. ugh.

that bag is awesome. i have to agree with the top person, the orange button totally rocks.

and that bag below, in the black is super awesome. i tired to comment the other day and my post was eaten
by blogger.

beki said...

Oh my goodness, how wonderful all that is! You must have a ton pf patience to sew all those little pieces together. Your mom must have loved it all.