Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cosmo Bag: aka “Biker Chick Purse”

John has decided that because of the lining this is my “Biker Chick Purse”. Funny Hon, really, funny.

So here you go:

Indygo Junction - Cosmo Bag
Button Detail:

Indygo Junction - Cosmo Bag

Inside w/ pocket closed

Indygo Junction - Cosmo Bag

Inside w/ pocket unzipped

Indygo Junction - Cosmo Bag

It’s a pretty neat little pattern. I am not sure that I will be making a ton more as it is a pretty distinctive style, but it makes up pretty quickly. The interior instructions seem really strange on how they have you assemble the zipper pocket, but it works out really nice. In fact I am going to keep this in mind for using in other future purses.
On other sewing related items.

I got the lace overlay all pinned onto the bodice of my wedding outfit last night. That was interesting as the crepe wants to shift around a lot. I am going to have to baste it all together before beginning any real sewing. I just was not up to the task last night so pinning was as far as I got.

Burda’s US website Burda Style seems to be getting up & going. I haven’t gotten a chance to check everything out yet, but it looks like it’s going to be a “must frequent site”. I see that my pal Stacy already has one of her Burda creations posted (good for you Stacy!).

Then back to the Onion patterns I am still contemplating an order…… I’ll let you know what I come up with.


stacy said...

I like your version of the bag so much better than what's on the pattern cover - and I LOVE the button.

bekka said...

but it doesn't look like anything bikerish at all on the outside. so will you call your fine young John Large Intestine since that's what he's got inside?

Jackie Lawrence said...

Awesome bag, I might have to give this one a try.

jen said...

ooooh it turned out so nice! i love the trim/binding

Sarah and Jack said...

I have no clue why he thinks that is bikerish, I think it is cute!

Lucy said...

I think your bag is adorable, love the button and the lining, too. :)
I WISH I could sew something like this!!!