Monday, January 29, 2007

Would you believe……

That it is snowing here again. We are under a “lake effect snow” warning again & they are predicting another 6-10” on top of what we got yesterday.

I realized after my post yesterday that I should have prefaced it with the fact that it was nearly 40ºF here on Sat. Then only 20ºF & over 12” of snow yesterday. Not that I am complaining, it's jsut a big change. It is beautiful & my drive to work this am wasn’t really bad at all, just a little slow. Now if I could get a snow day out of it I would be in heaven!

So let’s talk some sewing.

I have my wedding outfit all cut out. I was going to start sewing on it but I still hadn’t finished my Cosmo bag & the machine was all set up for that. So I went ahead & finished that up yesterday. I don’t have pictures as I was done about 10pm last night & wasn’t interested in getting my lazy butt off the couch to do it. I really like the way it turned out. John wanted to know if I was going to be wanting a Harley next based on the lining fabric. Smarty pants.

Now on to some patterns that I am contemplating……I need something to use that stash with right?

Stacy & I were talking about the new Onion patterns* that we got an e-mail about the other day.

We are both digging #5038 – Knit tops with waist seam. I am so in love with the “Perfect T’s” at Old Navy & this looks to be those only fancier to me.

That skirt is really cute too.

Also I really like the look of the #4021 – Pants with details. (Fly front pant. Narrow waistband with casing with strings (the pant is meant to be slightly gathered at waist). 3 darts on each side of front knee. Darts at back.) I have a pair of linen pants like this from Express that just love for the summer time, only those have inset pockets but that should be easy to change or just us these.(Judi these remind me of those Loes Hinds ones we almsot bought at Fabric Gallery).

#5036 – Blouse - Shirt/blouse with puffy or long sleeves (Blouse with standing collar and curved yoke on front and back. Button closure.)

#2012 - Vintage dress - Vintage styled dress with horizontal seams on front and back. (Super feminine vintage inspired empire style mock wrap dress in two lengths with option of wing sleeves or long sleeves. Gathers under the bust. Darts on back. Zipper at left side seam)

I also really like the 5032 - Knit wrap tops but I wonder if it is different enough for the Jalie crossover top pattern that I already have to make it worth getting.

Darn I wish that I would just win the lottery already & not have to be concerned about such trivial things like how much $ I spend on patterns, fabric, trims, shoes, etc..... Oh well…..

Also there aren’t many reviews of the Onion patterns on the Pattern Review site (except that on coat seems like everyone made that thing). So if anyone has tried them I would love to hear about it.
* sorry I couldn’t get a direct link to each pattern or copy the pictures. So if you are really interested in seeing them you will have to look them up. They are pretty cute patterns.


Kitschy-Koo said...

Thanks for sharing such great pattern resources!

stacy said...

I think I've gone back 3 times to drool over those patterns today! I'm slowly breaking down - I'm sure that shirt is calling my name!!!