Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A little of this & a little of that……

Ok so we got snow, wind & sub zero temps over the weekend. Poor Puppy Dog’s little feets freeze every time she has to go out to potty! The snow sticks to them because they are warm & it is so cold. John thought he might have to carry her back into the house last night because she wouldn’t move & he thought her feet were stuck to the ground! Now he is suggesting that I make her some kind of booties. If you knew John you would find this very funny. He is not the kind of man to dress up a dog, normally.

The roads are horrid! All of schools were closed Mon. & again today. Of course I am at work, don’t ask.

So let me share some pics with ya*!
The front yard:
Blizzard of 2007

Looking out a livingroom window:
Blizzard of 2007
So you would think that I got a lot of sewing done over the weekend with not leaving the house. My sewing area is on the North side of the house & freezing on Sat. I started working on my dress on Sun after bringing a space heater. I could only get so far because I realized that I did not have a 22” zipper or the 1” bias tape that I needed. Now you would think that with all of this I wouldn’t you?

So that was the weekend. John started his new job yesterday. Poor thing was fried** by the time he got home, it’s a lot to take in. That has me thinking of lunch stuff for him. I don’t know about everyone else but it is a constant battle at our house as to what to buy at the grocery store.

Me: “Is there anything you need or want from the store?”

John: “not that I can think of”

Puppy Dog: pleading eye & wagging nub ~ translation bacon, lots of bacon & cookies……

Me: “Are you sure, nothing? Nothing to take for lunch?”

John: “Really, I can’t think of anything”

Puppy Dog: more nub wagging ~ did you hear me? Bacon, cookies, maybe some raw-hide bones….helloo?

Me: “oooookay”

So of course after the store I hear hey did you get “x” at the store, there is nothing to eat/take in my lunch.


So I have been trying to figure out what I can make ahead of time that is healthy, lower in fat, tastes good & can we heated up at work. I have had limited luck finding good ideas on the net. Any suggests?

Since is it is a balmy 10ºF out I have been thinking a lot about planning a spring wardrobe. Stacy & I have both broken down & ordered patterns from Onion. I am pretty excited to try them & hope they come this week. We have also been talking about the lack of anything good in any of the Spring 2007 designer collections to knock off. We have however both discovered several items from Anthropologie that would be worth the effort to duplicate.

Now the question is where else to look for some good inspiration? It appears that there is a lot of black & white for spring. Blah. Boring. I like some color of winter. Also am I wrong or am I seeing animal prints again? I still have some animal print fabric in the stash from when that was in a few years ago. Hmmmm it might be a good thing if it is making a come back cause I can use up some more stash fabric. The other trend I am seeing is skinny legged high waisted pants. Um yeah I will stick to my low rise boot cut, thank you. I got enough of skinny leg pants back when I was 13 & peg rolling my jeans, only to wear 3 pairs of layered slouch socks with them. Not a look I care to revisit.

Well my lunch break is nearly over so I will leave you with this fabulous view from the window behind my desk*. Those are ice cycles covered in snow. They look like ones you see on little Christmas villages with glitter stuck on them. Rather pretty actually.
View from office windows

The one is from our breakroom window. That is a sheet of snow that is frozen mid slide off the roof. Pretty neat huh? Until we get an ice dam, that is.
Views from the office windows
*To see more pictures of the Blizzard of 2007 & the views from my office windows you can check them out here.

** **It has come to my attention that some readers mistook this for f-i-r-e-d & not f-r-i-e-d as in his brain fried, like an egg on a hot griddle after being over loaded by corporate mumbo jumbo on the first day. You would think being nerd bait & all she would have gotten the difference. Geez!


beki said...

Yikes! That is some serious stuff!!

capello said...

holy crap, look at that snow!

my inlaws flew home from texas sunday night into chicago and drove home to coldwater. took them FOREVER.

and i'm confused. he go a new job, went to work on the first day and got fired? huh?

Angela said...

Capello's funny.
And holy moley that is some crazy snowage! WT? I like frozen sheet of snow in the break room. Groovy.

I hope his job gets better.

capello said...


you forgot your "n" for "beig nerd bait & all"


Feeling Simply Quilty said...

...and I thought we had snow!. But, it's good for staying inside and planning/sewing/quilting/frying eggs on hubby's head...smile...

stacy said...

Don't you hate it when you type a long winded comment and then screw up the word verification and close the window? ARGGGG.

What I was going to say is that I remember rolling my jeans and that I was quite good at it too - I could get them really tight and to stay for hours. But the first time I said it, it was written better, now I've lost my commenting mojo! LOL

bekka said...

i cannot believe all that snow? it's cold and windy here, but snow? forget about it. sheesh. i'll take some of yours, ok? how to arrange that!?

Heidi said...

Your tubs of trims and zippers made me LOL! And I thought I was bad....

Lucy said...

Holy Moly!! Snow pics are beautiful! Makes me kinda wish we had a little teensy bit of the white stuff. Okay....that feeling is faded, you can keep it ;)

Anonymous said...

brrrrrrrrrr it looks cold.
I love your organised supplies and yes I agree, you sure you couldn't find what you wanted in all that?