Friday, February 16, 2007

Lots of love!

I have blessed with some great mail this week, but not with a cooperative internet to post about it. Maybe it’s the cold. I know internet I feel all slow & wish that I could hibernate till spring too. Seeing as we can’t on with the love!

I got the bestest package from Heidi my partner for the Pink & Brown Swap! It was like Christmas! She is such a sweet & generous lady. She really tailored a box to my likes. Thank you thank you!

Here is a whole shot:
She picked such great stuff! I realized that I don’t have any Valentine’s Day décor but thanks to Heidi now I do. Starting on the upper left with a pink candy dish filled with Reeses hearts (John says thank you!) & a pink candle stick that say ‘Forget me not” on it. There is a roll of pink ribbon with brown dots & next to that the little bag has the buttons in it. The sweetest tea cup candle that Heidi made, on top of a Blue Ridge Pottery saucer. In the middle is the portfolio with the greeting cards. On the bottom a pink tea towel with very intricate hand embroidery, crocheted lace collar, sucker in an adorable handmade cover & some yummy biscuit sticks dipped in strawberry cream! Everything was labeled & packaged so nicely!

Thank you again Heidi!
Pink & Brown Swap - rec'd

Check out these beautiful buttons! She said that she thought that they were made from Conch shells & I would have to agree. Now I’ll have to find an outfit to make around them!
Pink & Brown Swap - rec'd
I am so impressed with this. Heidi made me this little portfolio of assorted handmade cards! It is so pretty & the work she put into it is amazing! I just love it!
Pink & Brown Swap - rec'd
Pink & Brown Swap - rec'd
She also sent this really neat crocheted collar she thought I could use for my costuming. I have some fabric that this matches perfectly! I am going to have to see about designing a costume around this collar & put it to good use!
Pink & Brown Swap - rec'd

Then for Valentine’s Day my sweetie brought me a box of handmade dark chocolates. There were two dark chocolate strawberries(especially sweet because we had these on our wedding night), dark choco covered toffee, orange peels (can’t say that I would get these again, but I appreciate the thought), & peanuts! Yum!
Then to top off the week I had the sweetest little handmade felted heart card waiting for me when I got home last night from Miz LLA!
I hope that everyone else had a good mail week too!


LLA said...

Look at all the pink and brown... So lovely!

You and Heidi may have convinced me that pink and brown is even better than blue and brown! (and that's saying something, because I do so love my blue and brown!)

I actually like the taste of dark chocolate with orange - I've become quite the addict of this - but I've never had the orange peels. I could see how they might be a bit too much...

Sorry the valentine was late - but glad that it did make it there eventually. Happy belated V-day!

beki said...

Ooo, look at all that great stuff!!

stacy said...

OOOH, what great stuff you got!

bekka said...

awesome! awesome! awesome! so i like pink and brown. really that's the only way i like pink; when it's paired with another color. just not my fav color, you know?

but, i cannot agree with LLA that pink and brown beats blue and brown.

those buttons are sweet enough to eat. and the cards are lovely. and.... and... i could go on and on. what great goodies you got!

toya said...

I love all the pink, too cute

Raesha D said...

Wasn't this the best swap!!! Everyone received such wonderful goodies!

Rebecca said...

You lucky girl! I just love Heidi's stuff. I've been lucky to receive gifts from her AND some of her wonderful handmade cards! I'm so glad the pink and brown swap has made so many of us so stinkin' happy!