Thursday, February 08, 2007

A sad passing.

It might seem odd that I would be saddened by the passing of Anna Nichol Smith after my harsh (& apparently not popular) opinions on Tom & Katie, but I just always felt like she was such a lost soul. Like there was never anyone there to guide her on her rise to fame.

I remember when she was the face of Guess, back when Guess was the “IT”. She was so pretty & glamorous. Like the Marilyn Monroe for my generation.

It’s a shame, as she was a real Cinderella story. But she just kind of lost “it” & never seemed to be able to regain it. I really feel for her baby girl that she had a few months ago, then her son dying. I am sure that it will come out that she O.D.ed on something too, or at least the “Smut News” will imply it.

Funny how all the money in the world doesn’t seem to buy enough help for some people.

What a waste.


autum said...

I agree, it's so sad.

beki said...

I feel the same way. What a shame.

bekka said...

i felt bad for her. like she'd been taken advantage of all her life. what a sad person. and it's even sadder now that her little girl will grow up motherless.