Sunday, February 11, 2007

More “Oh Hum” on the pattern front.

Well Butterick has posted their Spring offerings, & I am quiet under whelmed. They didn’t even have a good costume offering this time around. Butterick often has a nice Victorian Era pattern that I can use as a base for a more period correct outfit. Not in this group.

So here are the very few that I might pick up when Joann’s has their next $1.99 sale if I happen to be there for something else, but I am not sure that I would go out of my way for them. There are a lot of dresses & most reports say that the dress is the “it” item for spring. I am not a big dress girl. I like them but don't seem to wear them, so I might not be the best judge for all of those.

4976 Wrap dress with sash: there are a lot of these out this year, what I think makes this one different is it’s for knits.

4986 Top & Camisole: New twist on the twist top. It’s almost like a twist cardigan. A little different & might be worth picking up.

4995 Pants & Sash: Yeah I know gauchos again, but look close, the one design has a side closure of buttons. Cute! The almost have that sailor pant feel to them. Don’t right I think that you could get an Anthopologie feel from this pattern. I also like the sash & cuffed pair as well.

5006 Sewing & Knitting Accessories: Oh the knitting bag & needle holders has been done to death, but I don’t remember ever seeing one with a pattern for around knitting needle case. Great idea! That might be worth getting the pattern is you’re a knitter or know a knitter.

That’s it. Very blah collection if you ask me, but sometimes a pattern done in the right fabric could look like a totally different garment. As to how these were presented, very blah or very be there done that by other of the Big 4.

Oh well maybe summer will be better. A girl can hope can’t she?


stacy said...

I agree, BLEH. Nothing popped out at me, but then again, I'm not a huge Butterick fan (I'm not sure why either).

I guess no Onion patterns arrived on your doorstep this weekend either? I'm crossing my fingers now for Monday!

capello said...

i didn't know patterns came out seasonally.

that just goes to show what a novelist i am.

(that is the correct word, right?)

Lucy said...

Do you get a catalog for the new season of patterns?

I am not a dress person, mostly because I try to have "buy 6 things wear them 20 different ways" kinda girl..LOL. You just can't do that for dresses...which is why I only have one dress. Most dresses make me look pregnant, which if I was, it wouldn't be a problem....LOL...but since I'm not, I'd rather cover up my figure flaws. ;)

LLA said...

Even though I do not sew at all - I was thrilled to see this post of yours. I've been browsing for a knitting needle case - and everything out there is way too expensive ($50 - $70, really? seriously?) or it's affordable, but it doesn't seem like it would do the job (not well designed) or just plain ugly.

Now - I'm making a note of the pattern number and I'm going to go check it out the next time I'm someplace fabricy - just to see if it's better designed, etc.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
(I just wish that you had found more that you liked for you!)

beki said...

I like the wrap dress and twist top, but they're nothing new. Where's the innovation? I have patterns for these types of clothing that I bought 2 years ago (but I still haven't made them). At least it's good to know that if I made them now I'd still be in style.

Anonymous said...

I knew you had the pattern I wanted. I must show Maddi the top pattern. Top left picture is just what Maddi wants but they don't make them here for young girls. She want to wear them with jeans or long shorts.