Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Ok so I haven’t been posting much. I feel that if it isn’t craft, sewing or thrifting related I shouldn’t post it. & seeing as I can’t post pictures from home & I have to burn them to a disk to do it from work I just haven’t been prepared for posting pictures. Why do I feel this way, I don’t know seeing as this is my blog. Hello, I can post whatever I want. Well duh!

So I was reading LLA’s Blog, about the “little gift” that her husband brought her home. Honestly I cracked up. Naturally I had to check out the website & found this. I was in tears!!!! I don’t know if it the stress of late, my sick sense of humor or what but I laughed so hard I cried! Thanks Laura!!! I needed that!

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LLA said...

I'm so glad that this tickled someone else!!!! I was a little worried about letting my meanness show - but it was just too good to keep to myself...