Sunday, August 27, 2006

& Big weekend plans…….

Ok so on to my weekend plans. I dug a couple wool sweaters that I have been saving for who knows what. I just got done felting them in the washer. After I am done here I will pop them in the dryer.

Then I have plans to make a pair of long pants from Burda WOF 1/2006. They are going to be out of a bright aqua turquoise stretchy terry. I am sure that John will have a comment when he sees them.

In addition to that I am going to make a new "Barbara Jean" bag for my library books & I hope get a few more things cut out to maybe sew this week after work.

On the table I have a smock top like the one Autum recently made, a pair of brown & cream plaid pants, & whatever else I can fit it. Pictures come Monday I hope! Good weekend to all!*

* My home computer really sucks & I could not up load any pictures all weekend. so i had to save my posts until today to post from work. Then blogger has been having issues. So here are my Fri, Sat & Sun posts, on Monday. Oy!

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LLA said...

oooh - can't wait to see the pictures!