Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sew Quick!

I haven’t gotten as much sewing done as I had hoped I would since MIL Joyce left, but I did make this:

I am not exactly sure where it came from. I think in with a pile of sewing/fabric that I got from my mom when she got married 5 years ago & moved. I don’t think that she wanted to scare her new hubby by bring an 18 wheeler worth of just fabric with her so she gave me a ton of it. The funny think is that the bag was pretty much already cut out & there are two of them. I am not sure if she bought them this way or cut them out intending on making them, but it was the perfect instant gratification project!

I laid the bag on a cream colored mystery fabric from the stash & just cut the lining using the bag as a pattern. Sewed the handles & the sides up & I used the leftover piece from between the handles when I cut the lining to make a pocket & added a bright sunny yellow gingham using the cream as it’s lining, sewed that to the lining. Then I put the lining in the bag, wrong sides together & covered the raw edges with gingham bias tape.

Ta da! Fast cute library book bag! At least that was what I intended it for although at the moment it has my crocheting in it! Guess I will need to make another one from the pattern I made from the other already cut bag. Oh darn!

I have to add that I wrote this a couple weeks ago but I didn’t have pictures with me it at the time. So I am just now getting around to posting it. I also need to say that I named my little bag pattern. I seem to make up different bag patterns all & then need some way to identify the pattern pieces. So I decided that since this came from my mom I am going to call it the “Barbara Jean” bag. Cute huh? I think that she will get a kick out of it. I am toying with the idea of opening an Esty shop & listing a few things. I was thinking that this bag might be really nice in a couple different sizes. I picked up a great thrifted sheet the other day & thought that I would make myself another one of these to actually put my library books in. Hmmm…….

Maybe I will make up some bracelets too. I got a burst of inspiration the other night & made a cute little bracelet as a cheer up gift. That kind of got me back in the mood to make some jewelry. Hmmmmmm….. now if I could just add about 4 hours to my day I might find the time so get to all my great ideas!


autum said...

That bracelet was the perfect cheer up gift! Thank you Me'Lisa, you are such a sweetie. I love the bracelet and the patchwork teacup is wonderful. You know I love the bowl. Thank you!!!!!
Yes you should open an etsy shop. Your jewlery is beautiful.

lori brofsky said...

okay so I LOVE this bag, is there a way you can write up a small tutorial with dimensions. I am fairly new to sewing, but with help, can pull this on off.