Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tom Cruise makes me sick & then some......

****Ok let me warn you right now that this is a rant post & not meant to insult anyone reading this. I just need to vent on a few things.****

Am I the only one that is honest to goodness thrilled that Tom Cruise has been let go by Paramount? I made a vow back when he decided to public attack Brook Shield’s about her personal choices on how to treat her postpartum depression not to see another one of his movies. It personally made me sick. There are so many reasons why his lunacy was so wrong.

He’s a man & won’t know the first thing about giving birth to a baby or the rest of what comes with it.

He adopted his first two children so again would not even have that experience to call upon for a tiny idea of what it's like.

Who is he to condemn someone else for their personal choices? He knocked up his much younger, second choice for a girlfriend(if you believe the rumors) in what can really only be described as probably a horrendous publicity stunt & hasn't even bothered to marry her. Which I am sure will not last longer than most celeb marriages even if he did! WHich hey if that is what work for you great, but then you shouldn't point the moral fingure at others.

He practices a religion that was started by a science fiction writer who is quoted as having said something to the effect of the best way to make money is to start your own religion. If you are a Scientologist hey more power to you, but don’t look down your nose on those that don’t share your beliefs!

I cannot understand these actors getting on their soap boxes like they are so much more knowledgeable than the rest of the world! I went to art school & have known many actors. I don’t remember any special class that gave them special knowledge on religion, politics, moral or world issues that they should let feel compelled to thrust upon the rest of us at the drop of a hat!

Personally I am against taking advice from people who can’t stay married for longer than it takes to get an oil change, don’t raise their own children, are in rehab more often then I vacuum my house, & live in a house that costs more money than I will ever see in a life time & that is their, 2nd, 3rd or 4th house. All because they have a talent to act. Well you know what: teachers, police, fireman, EMS, nurses, seamstresses, painters, carpenters, etc… have great talents to but you don’t see them getting a huge whooping sum for it. Sad because those people are the people that live in the real world with real problems that really make a difference in peoples lives. Not on occasion, or by just throwing money at a charity but by helping, giving their time or having a direct connection the next generations.

Kind of sad really………


LLA said...

I'm with you on this one....

I saw something about Cruise getting dumped by Paramount - I think it was a headline on Drudge yesterday. I thought "YAY!", and then decided that I didn't even care enough to read the story.

I was never a big Tom Cruise fanatic, but liked him well enough. No longer; so over him. (Kind of makes you wonder if he was always a jackass, but that his publicist was smart enough not to let him talk to anyone. The jackassery didn't become appearant until his fired her and replaced hier with his sister...)

I alternate about feeling bad for Katie Holmes - b/c I love(d) her.... half the time I feel so horrible for her, the other half I think "she made her deal with the devil, she's got to live with it..." Then I realize that I'm actually thinking about the TomKat situation, and I get frustrated with myself...

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not "thrilled" that he was dropped.
I don't find, nor do I look for joy in other's misfortunes, even if they are someone who has
fallen out of respect in my eyes. Instead I feel something more like "what goes around, comes around", for his situation.

"Who is he to condemn someone else for their personal choices?"

Right, and who are YOU to be doing the same exact thing in regards to him not bothering to marry, etc.? It's very icky sounding, no matter who does the judging.

"He knocked up his much younger, second choice for a girlfriend(if you believe the rumors) in what can really only be described as probably a horrendous publicity stunt & hasn't even bothered to marry her."

1.) Those were just rumors about him going through a list of women, so why even bother to REPEAT something that could be nothing more than a ridiculous rumor, as part of your something that should be respected, but you don't know if it even merits being repeated.

2.)Really? It can "really only be described as probably a horrendous publicity stunt"? Good thing you threw that "probably" in there. Geesh. How can it "ONLY be described as probably"? ;) You're coming up with all sorts of stuff that you're letting your mind get out of control with, and you don't know for sure. Why are you allowing yourself to be sucked into the tizzy? You're making assumptions in the same way Tom has done to others. Yours sounds just as mean spirited as his.

3.) Hasn't bothered to marry her? How do you know SHE isn't the one who is behind waiting to marry? Because two people have a child together, it's a necessity to marry anyway? That's interestingly antiquated. I know people with children who have been together for 30 years & 45 years, and are not married. I have never heard anyone once, except for a couple of elderly, meddling ladies here and there, who were known for being pessimistic, meddling women who made assumptions about others.
Sure, it may be your opinion that they should be married, but it does not make the relationship better itself, except in the eyes of those who assume it to be necessary.

Someone else pointed us to your blog today, and I'm so turned off by what she's pointed us to. What a waste of life, energy and breath, to kvetch and assume, instead of being above it.

Sure, you have ever right to say what you want. We all do. But just as you asked of him, who are you to be negative and make assumptions in return.

Don't make excuses. There are no excuses you can make to change my mind, or probably the minds of those who won't say anything to you. Sure, a few may stand up, but if that's what you want on your side in negativity, more power to you. Sound familiar?

autum said...

Wow, what a harsh anonymous comment. That makes me sad. No need to be so mean :(

Cindi said...

Frankly I agree with you. Thanks for saying what I was thinking anyway.