Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Here a Chick, there a Chick, everywhere a Chick, Chick……

This post is for LLA, 1) because I hope that she is feeling better & 2) because we were discussing how “theme” gifts can get out of hand (she has a friend & there was a teapot incident.

Last spring I ordered baby chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery, and let me tell you that there is nothing like picking up a box of 36 baby chicks from the post office at 7am. They hand you this box with air holes & insistent peeping pouring from it. It is rather entertaining & then when you get the chicks home the real fun begins, but that is another story for another day.

So about this time I needed a new shower curtain & just could not find something that I wanted. So I got the bright idea to make one. I found some cute fabric with chickens on it at Wal-Mart & for about what it would have cost me to buy on I made my own shower curtain.

Well them my MIL got a hold of the idea of a chicken themed bathroom & started sending me chicken stuff, then my aunt-in-law got in on it, my step sister(the blue cicken plate), my boss & even our neighbor (left the black chicken in our coop for me to find & thrifted a table cloth for me too).

So now I have chicken stuff coming out of my ears!!! All of this because I ordered baby chicks & made a chicken shower curtain.

So I hope that you learn from my experience, don’t mention that you like something around the in-laws because it is possible that you will end up being besieged by theme gifts for every conceivable occasion until your DH finally has enough & says “Ma no more chicken s*#$ please!”.


LLA said...

I love the chicken themed bathroom - thanks so much for putting pictures up!

I started to say that I am so impressed with your shower curtain (quite crafty!) and how much I like the curly-tailed chick on the back of the toilet tank. However, I am stopping myself before I say these things, because that is how chicken collections get started, isn't it!!!!


I'm envious of your chicks! Did they all grow up? Did you end up with 3 dozen hens? Inquiring minds want to know....

(and thanks for the sweet wishes. I'm snapping out of it...)

Angela said...

That's a lot of chickens. But the story is funny and how can you not laugh at "chicken s*#$"? 8-)

MéLisa said...


Watch it you never know who is listening! Actually the curly tail chick has gone to the big coop in the sky because it lost it’s beak & refused to stay put, but never fear MIL gave me for my birthday a cream & sugar set in the in the shape of what else? Chickens! So they have taken the place of curly tail & hold Q-tip & cotton balls.

Angela ~ Yes hubby has quite a way with words

autum said...

This is so funny and I needed a good laugh. I had the same problem with roosters and before that cows. What makes the relatives go crazy that way? One little cow or rooster accent is nice. A whole herd of cattle, not as cute.