Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gratitude Friday…….

Anyhoo I see Autum always makes a list on Friday of what she is grateful for. I have had a hard time thinking in those terms lately. That is a long story but lets just say that when you buy a house, even if it was built 16 years before you buy, I highly advise that you make sure it received a certificate of occupancy. Because if it didn’t two years after you buy the township you live in might inform you 3 days before Christmas that the house is illegal & they are coming after you even thought you didn’t build it. Oh also they will make unreasonable demands & when you don’t try to make sure that you cover all your bases as you have been screwed by the seller, broker & the township because they were the ones that left 2 building permit open for 16 & 14 years they decide you are taking to long to comply. So they inform you that they will seek to condemn your house come Oct 1st because they failed to do their job.

But I have been thinking a lot about how there are things that I am grateful for:

1)I am grateful for my loving man, John. We have only been married 4 years this month & been through more than I think anyone couple should in a life time really. I am grateful for his strength & love during this horrible time.

2) That Chad, Cathy & the boys are in their new house, finally, nearly a year after having lost everything to Katrina. Not a day goes by that I am not thinking of them & am so thankful that they left when they did.

3) For Brendan, he is an incredible friend of John’s & helped him fulfill the dying wish of their other best friend. You rock Jake!

4) Gina ~ you really are a source of strength for me & who else would understand about the DQ, TFG & the gross pervert! It is so much fun having someone to share my costuming passion with and laugh about the laundry & is dirty deeds in the dark corners of the laundry room!

5) For Judi, My real clothes sewing buddy, for all her advice & the sewing gossip we share!

6) My newfound blogging friends LLA, Autum, Angela, Selena & company, thanks for the conversation, laughs & tears that you share! Also for those new ladies that recently posted on my blog & their support.

7) Last but by no means least, my mom & MIL Joyce, these strong women who listen & give comfort. I love & miss them so!


Angela said...

What a great post and awesome photos! I enjoyed reading it!

LLA said...

This is a lovely list, and I am flattered beyond all belief that I get to share space on it...

Thank you!

autum said...

Me'Lisa, I'm sorry I missed this before now. I'm glad to see you joining and doing a GF list. Sometimes I have one of those weeks when it seems there isn't much to be grateful for but when I sit down to do the list I always have plenty to list. Thank you for including me in you list!!